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‘Horror’ glory

The new season of “American Horror Story” is finally back and in full swing. The third season of the FX anthology has taken on the world of witchcraft in New Orleans. This season centers on a witch coven and all of its various dilemmas, dark secrets and disasters that take place because of it.

I love the way that, as an anthology series, “American Horror Story” always has an entirely new story and set of characters come each season. I also enjoy how most of the actors return each season. This year, most of the show’s key players have returned, including Jessica Lange, Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson. A number of well-known actors have also joined the cast this season, including Kathy Bates, Emma Roberts and Gabourey Sidibe.

While this season’s cast is pretty impressive, something that has always been consistently impressive is the show’s writing. For three seasons now, the writers of “American Horror Story” have been able to keep their storylines fresh and exciting. Although this season has taken on a subject that has certainly been done more times than I can count in different movies and shows, the writers have been able to tie classic witchcraft storylines with very modern approaches, making for an inventive story.

Ultimately, the newest season of “American Horror Story” is definitely worth watching. While it is still pretty early in the season, the third installment of “American Horror Story” has already been able to keep me guessing and excited for each week’s episode. While there have been many twists and surprises already, there’s much more to come. This season is only just beginning.


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