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Dominator Pizza a wimpy takeout choice

After weeks of surviving on vanilla pudding, instant oatmeal and grape juice, my vital organs and I were ready for some real food.

Cheapness of quick and easy dishes can’t make up for lack of taste. (Regina Yorkgitis / Web Editor)

So, on Sunday evening, my friend and I decided to treat ourselves and order something American from the greatest invention ever: Grubhub. We chose Dominator, because with a name like that, it has to be great.

Because I obviously don’t care about my well-being, all I really wanted was cheese fries and maybe a milkshake.  But I decided instead to order a philly cheesesteak sandwich for the sake of this review and for my mom who might read this. (Hi Mom!) I had the option to add lettuce, onions, peppers and extra cheese, but opted out.  My friend ordered the chicken parmigiana special  with a salad on the side. To top it off, we asked for Diet Pepsi.

I put on my stretchy sweat pants and prepared for a meal of bliss. I was pleasantly surprised to hear banging on my front door only 30 minutes after we ordered.  Shout out to the friendly delivery man who brought the food  right to the door.

For the $9.99 chicken parm,and the $5.99 philly cheesesteak, the amount of food we got was a great deal. My friend got bread on the side of her chicken parm, which was a nice bonus. She said the salad with ranch dressing was tasty, but nothing unusually spectacular. The chicken parm itself was drowning in spaghetti and tomato sauce and the container was leaking a little. The sauce was too sweet and the  meat tasted soggy.

The cheesesteak was lacking on the cheese to meat ratio and, as a result, was dry. I had to really dig to find the cheese.  The side of fries closely resembled fast food fries, but without the overwhelming (yet delicious) amount of salt. Clearly, I don’t have anything against fast food fries, but if I don’t have a milkshake to dip them in, they are too soft for my liking.

We agreed that the best part of the meal was the Diet Pepsi.

Because the portions were so big and the food was only decent, we had enough leftovers for the week.

I want to give Dominator the benefit of the doubt — these dishes were not their specialty. The chicken kebab sandwich, for example, is raved about on Grubhub.

If you want a lot of food fast, Dominator is for you.  Don’t be cheap and order that extra cheese on your cheesesteak.  Even better,  try the cheese fries for those of us who were too busy attempting to be “healthy” and missed out.


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