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Mayor Ford has higher approval rating than Obama

By Robb Veltman

Toronto’s infamous mayor Rob Ford, known for his drug and alcohol habits, managed to edge out a 42 percent approval rating, topping President Obama’s newfound lows of 37 percent, according to recent polling data.

(AP Photo) Ford’s approval rating remains stable, despite his allegations.

This news comes at the end of an ever-increasing list of scandals surrounding the Toronto Mayor.

It began early in the summer of 2013, when a photo emerged of Rob Ford affiliating with suspicious individuals. Allegations of his crack cocaine usage were then verified in November, when a video surfaced portraying the mayor smoking crack cocaine. Ford then admitted to his use of the drug, saying that it probably occurred during one of his “drunken stupors.”

Despite the video’s release, Ford’s approval rating rose by 5 percent that month, according to a poll by Forum Research.

Unfortunately, the mayor’s problems with secret videos were not over.

Another video was released later in November that showed Ford cursing loudly, speaking incoherently and even yelling death threats.

Ford then faced allegations that he made sexual advances from a former staffer, to which he responded with crude and indecent language.

The controversial Mayor’s scandals even include swearing in front of children at a toy drive in the blue-collar City Council and knocking over an elderly councilwoman during a Toronto City Council meeting that got especially heated.

It comes as a surprise to see the mayor’s approval rating remains relatively stable.

Ford has since been stripped of many of his authoritative powers after a November 18th Toronto City Council meeting — the same meeting that Ford knocked over the councilwoman.

His long list of impediments has not deterred the embattled mayor, however. Perhaps his curious approval ratings have even given him the confidence to forge ahead.

Ford has gone on record saying that he hopes to one day run for Prime Minister.


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