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‘Frozen’ keeps viewers coming back

By Zach Dzierzgowski

If your family is anything like mine, it is nearly impossible to find a movie that satisfies what everyone wants to watch. Going to the movie theater often becomes less of a family bonding activity and more of a pain.

Animation and storyline do not fail to impress viewers. (AP Photo)
Animation and storyline do not fail to impress viewers. (AP Photo)

Fortunately, my family heard the hype about Disney’s “Frozen,” and with minimal arguing, all six of us decided we would go check it out.

The film was released at the end of November, so we were shocked when our preferred showings were sold out at not one, but two of our local movie theaters.

After driving to a third, we barely made it into the packed cinema. I had never seen a room so full, with so much excitement and “fan-girling” since I saw the final installment of “Harry Potter” at midnight over two years ago.

My mind was blown even more when I overheard all sorts of people — from soccer moms to military dads — discussing how this was their third or fourth time seeing the film.

Between the hysteria and going through so much just to sit down, my expectations were set extremely high for “Frozen.” I am thrilled to say I was not disappointed.

“Frozen” boasts impressive animation; the beautiful characters, icy magic and sweeping landscapes create a unique, fairytale kingdom that lures you in.

I was unsure how Disney intended to inject life into a movie whose key visual hook was ice and snow. Rather than looking like 90 minutes of Antarctica, the animators brilliantly used spiraling crystals and beautiful pops of color to accent Queen Elsa’s mystical powers.

With so many snowstorms this winter, I am consistently disappointed when real snow is not nearly as engaging as in Arendelle.

Moreover, “Frozen’s” soundtrack is on par with Disney classics like “The Lion King” or “Beauty and the Beast.” Nothing peeves me more in a movie than an unnecessary song (I’m looking at you, “Rock of Ages”).

Luckily, every number in “Frozen” is seamlessly woven into the plot. Songs like “Love is an Open Door” or “In Summer” add a playful, innocent feel — typical of the Disney catalog.

Nevertheless, the movie’s soundtrack also features several mature numbers. “Let it Go” has all the charm and sophistication of a timeless Broadway Ballad. “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” is a beautiful, yet heartbreaking piece that brought me to tears during the actual movie. This musical duality speaks to the film’s appeal for adults and children alike.

Aside from the songs and visuals, there is something more important that will distinguish “Frozen” to future audiences. Unlike past Disney films, “Frozen” has a unique message for audiences about the power and importance of family. Anna and Elsa’s relationship and their struggle to reconnect as sisters drive the story — the two show that when all else fails, family love will overcome all obstacles.

Too often, Disney princess films tie the idea of true love with a “knight in shining armor.” “Frozen” changes the game and presents two well-developed female characters that are liberated without a man’s help at the movie’s conclusion. I can only hope that “Frozen’s” reception will encourage Disney to continue with this trend.

As we left the theater, my family agreed that “Frozen” was an excellent choice. If you haven’t seen it yet, buy a ticket and go. You won’t regret the decision.


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