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‘Girl Code’ comedy show is a campus hit

‘Girl Code’ brings laughter. (Courtney Wirths / Photo Editor)
‘Girl Code’ brings laughter. (Courtney Wirths / Photo Editor)

At 5:45 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 25, a line began to form out- side of Kendall Hall. Despite the door opening set for 7 p.m. and the frigid temperatures, students chatted excitedly about seeing some of their favorite celebrities in just a few short hours. The stars of MTV’s hit comedy show “Girl Code” are currently touring college campuses nationwide, with the College being one of their most recent stops.

Chris Distefano, Carly Aquilino and Jessimae Peluso were warmly welcomed to campus, and were certainly excited to be there.

“We decided to do a college tour because we felt that campuses would give us the biggest audience, since college students are the average age of our viewers,” DiStefano said.

Life has completely changed for the three, who were individual comedians before joining the cast of “Girl Code,” which is now in its second season.

“We have to wear makeup all day every day — you end up being recognized everywhere you go,” Aquilino said.

The show covers a variety of everyday and sometimes awkward topics that a majority of young adults have either experienced or have questions about. Its combination of advice and humor creates a positive and comfortable environment and makes the show and its stars relatable for college students.

“I love that it’s different than most shows because it’s not scripted,” Aquilino said. “You get to hear our real opinions on so many topics.”

The touring comedy show consists of individual stand-up comedy from each of the three comedians, followed by a question-and-answer session with Aquilino and Peluso.

All of the jokes throughout the night were spot-on, keeping the audience laughing nonstop.

The stars made a point to talk directly to the audience and make the jokes and themes of the show personal to the College, which was well received by students.

“Getting to tour has been my favorite part,” Peluso said. “MTV really embraces us as individuals and encourages us to be individuals. The environment is so comfortable.”

Although the night was en- joyed by the crowd, it was also very important to the three stars, who are grateful for their chance to be on “Girl Code.”

“It’s changed everything for all of us,” Peluso said. “It’s been really amazing, changed my life completely. I’m so thankful.”

Although the show is known for its laughs, its stars hope their audience gets more than amusement out of their candid stories and opinions.

“We want people, especially girls, to realize that all the awkward things they go through in life are completely normal,” Peluso said.

“I hope viewers get a sense of who they are,” DiStefano said. “We try to talk about mistakes we’ve actually made and experiences we’ve gone through. It’s what the show’s about. We want viewers to know that being imperfect is actually perfect.”



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