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The Awards Forecast: Recap of the Oscars

This year’s Oscars was one of the most-watched and well-received award shows in recent memory. There were no shocking wins or horrible snubs, but it was a beautiful show with memorable moments and speeches.

Pink blew the audience away with “Somewhere over the Rainbow,” John Travolta created a new name for a Broadway star, and Ellen bought pizza for everyone. The show was equal parts funny and poignant, celebrating Hollywood as well as making fun of it.

The main point of the evening was, of course, to deliver cinema’s highest honors. And, not to brag, but I called every major category. I put my money on Lupita Nyong’o even though many people thought Jennifer Lawrence had the win all wrapped up. I also thought “12 Years a Slave” would edge out “Gravity” for Best Picture, and luckily, my inclination was right.

All throughout Oscar season I have used to make my predictions and to track experts’ thoughts and opinions. In total, I guessed 19 out of 24 categories correctly.

The greatest part about the award season is watching young stars shine and old talents reflect on their journeys. There is no other event that brings Hollywood together quite like the Oscars. There is something extremely inspiring about seeing so much talent and passion in one room, sharing memories and praising each other’s abilities.

Seeing all of this come alive gives me hope and fuels my passion and love for the arts even more. Regardless of who wins, every film that is nominated is incredible in their own respects. And it is a wonderful thing to see such art be preserved and honored.

It’s been a joy covering the Oscars for The Signal, and I hope I’ll be back again next year to do the same. Thanks for going on this ride with me — it’s been a blast. It only solidified my own love for journalism and entertainment.

I would like to leave you all with a quote from Lupita Nyong’o’s acceptance speech. May you all follow your heart and your passion, where it may lead: “When I look down at this golden statue, may it remind me and every little child that no matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.”


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