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Presenting the most talented male of 2016

Participants and event coordinators gather around Mr. 2016. (Monica Murphy / Staff Photographer)
Participants and event coordinators gather around Mr. 2016. (Monica Murphy / Staff Photographer)

After a night filled with laughs, competition and, of course, talent, Alpha Epsilon Pi’s Sam Waxenbaum, a political science major, became royalty, when on Wednesday, March 26, the sophomore class council officially crowned Mr. 2016 in room 202 of the Brower Student Center.

But before Waxenbaum accepted his crown, he competed against nine other of his sophomore peers for the noble title.

The night commenced with the talent portion, in which each contestant performed a talent of their choice for the audience.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s Alex Brune kicked off the show as he strutted on stage in style, wearing a black wig and a cheetah dress. He was Cher, as he rocked out to the classic tune “Believe.”

Football’s Connor Mulholland performed a different type of talent, as he wowed the audience with his ability to catch Munchkins and Swedish Fish in his mouth.

The audience was brimming with laughter as baseball’s Evan Edelman took the stage. He treated the audience to a stand-up comedy act, which shed a light on the DMV’s point system and the FBI’s point system.

The laughs continued as Alpha Chi Rho’s Jordan Roe performed a dramatic reading of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe.”

Phi Alpha Delta’s Salvatore Michael  also graced the audience with his performance of “Let it Go” from “Frozen.”

The soon-to-be-announced winner, Waxenbaum, belted his heart out to “She’s a Goddess.”

The talent portion concluded with Phi Kappa Tau’s Steven Cohen, as he busted a move with his partner in crime, “Kiki,” to the “Yes” dance.

Other acts of the night included club soccer’s Elbert Flores Gomez, who pulled a Miley Cyrus as he twerked across the stage, Jimmy Jaramuzchett as he played guitar and sang to everyone’s favorite song, “Story of A Girl,” and Mitch Miller, who  showed some country flare as he harmonized to Luke Byran’s “Country Girl.”

Then came the question portion of the competition. Each contestant was asked a different random question to see if they were the right fit for Mr. 2016.

Some highlights include Mulholland, who when asked what the biggest part of his body was, he answered with his heart, or Cohen, who when asked if he could have a Freaky Friday switch with a woman, he responded he would switch bodies with the Olsen twins, since he never knew which one was which on “Full House.”

Furthermore, when asked what fruit he would choose to have sex with, Michael explained that he would pick a lemon in order “to test (his) toughness.”

As the talent section wrapped up, the money was counted up to see which contestant raised the most. During the show, buckets were passed around and audience members were invited to donate to the contestant whom they thought was the best. All the proceeds would go to the charity of the contestant’s choice.

At last, there was a winner. This ACT  and TMT member was awarded the crown and announced as Mr. 2016.

Waxenbaum was speechless, claiming he never expected to win Mr. 2016.

All proceeds collected for Waxenbaum will go to the Covenant House Charity.

Furthermore, now that Mr. 2016 is crowned, who will follow in his footsteps next year and become Mr. 2017? Guess we’ll just have to find out and see.



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