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Kid Cudi’s new album disappoints

Kid Cudi’s newest album, “Satellite Flight: The Journey to the Mother Moon,” is boring. Just plain boring. Can I call it the worst album I’ve heard?

No, because there are some truly horrible albums out there (for example, quite a lot of our mainstream pop artists have recently released them).

This is one of my hardest reviews I’ve had to write, because I actually need to make genuine points about the album. But there’s not much to say. Half the songs are filler tracks that just repeat the same chord progression for four minutes, while Kid Cudi raps/sings in what sounds like a drunken stupor. The other tracks are ambient pieces that, even for ambient music, are pretty boring themselves.

Now, to be somewhat fair to Cudi, this album is supposed to be a bridge album between two albums in his “Man on the Moon” series, and this release was intended originally to be an EP. So this clearly isn’t his strongest effort. And the space theme would make sense for the ambient electronic noises that more or less make up the whole album.

But space does not equal droning ambient-electronica that goes nowhere musically. The quintessential space song is David Bowie’s “Space Oddity,” and you’re lying to yourself if you say that song isn’t an exciting journey to listen to.

Cudi could have made this album into a really cool space journey. But instead he decided to make an album that is unpleasant to sit down and listen to when you know there is a whole other world of actually interesting music to listen to.


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