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Exercise and talk at the Mindful Mile

By Christine Aebischer
Staff Writer

College students are masters of multitasking. They can write a paper while watching Netflix and also making the obligatory weekly phone call home. Free time is just something to be dreamt about, so the more that can be accomplished at once, the better. The Mindful Mile, led by the College’s registered dietitian Aliz Holzmann, combines physical activity with the opportunity to get any nutrition-related questions answered all in about 20 minutes.

Every Monday, weather permitting, students, faculty and staff can join Holzmann in walking a mile while asking whatever nutrition- or diet-related questions they have in a casual setting. The walk begins at 12 p.m. outside of the 1855 Room and traverses the sidewalks of campus, completing a mile-long route.

“A lot of students have a hard time getting physical activity in and have nutritional questions, so this combines both,” Holzmann said.

This resource was previously available under a different name, “Walk and Talk with the Dietitian,” and has since been brought back under the new “Mindful” initiative branded by Sodexo this past fall. 

This initiative, in addition to the Mindful Mile, brings a new wellness menu to the Eickhoff dining hall. Indicated by a “Mindful” icon, these dining options offer students healthy and nutritious choices, according to Holzmann.

Holzmann is also available to students for one-on-one meetings. She is located in the lower level of Decker residence hall, and appointments can be made by phone or email. However, for students who do not wish to meet in this setting, the Mindful Mile gives them the opportunity to ask their questions while in the company of friends and fellow students, all while getting in some exercise.

“It reminds (students) to include little things in their day,” Holzmann said.

While Holzmann hopes that walking around campus will let more students know she is an available resource, she does say that many students are already aware of this. The beginning of a new semester, before a break and before finals are some of her busiest times, she said. As the year winds down and finals week begins, the Mindful Mile is a great way to find out which foods are best for effective studying and test-taking without having to make a set appointment. 

Even if students do not have specific questions, Holzmann encourages them to join her and to bring a friend. 

“The more the merrier,” she said. 




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