Friday, June 25, 2021
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Rich get richer

• Harvard received its largest donation in the school’s 378-year history. $350 million was donated to the university’s School of Public Health from alumnus and current investor Gerald Chan. The donation brings to light disparity between donations to already wealthy schools (67 percent of all donations) and schools that have smaller endowments, which collect only 3 percent of total donations to colleges and universities.

• In an effort to appeal to consumers’ taste for organic foods, General Mills has agreed to buy Annie’s Inc. Famous for their macaroni and cheese and their bunny-shaped snacks. The company will add additional options to General Mills’s collection of cereals and snacks. Amid sluggish consumer spending and changes in the way Americans food shop, General Mills is hoping the acquisition will let them jump in on a new craving. 

• Home Depot confirmed that its payment systems were hacked at nearly 2,200 stores in both the United States and Canada. The breach may stretch back to April, the company told the public. The information is a result of an investigation the home improvement giant began when banks and law enforcement reported suspicious activity. 

• The Dodge Viper, one of Detroit’s most famous muscle cars, is losing its strength. Disappointing sales in a relatively healthy sports-cars market lead to a rare price reduction of $15,000. Now Viper will retail for about $85,000, as opposed to a starting price of $100,000. 

*All information according to the Wall Street Journal.


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