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Pre-gaming the pre-game

By Peter Fiorilla & Mylin Batipps
News Editor & News Assistant

  • On Friday, Sept. 12, at 3:30 p.m., a preacher who had been publically speaking outside the Brower Student Center reported a theft to Campus Police.  The victim said someone stole a white, two-by-three feet sign — which read: “Atheism is a temporary condition” in black letters — while he was giving a sermon. He also told police he does not know who is responsible for the theft and does not want to press charges, but wants the poster to be returned.
  • On Friday, Sept. 12, at 11:50 p.m., Campus Police observed two males carrying a third male on the sidewalk south of the softball stadium. The student being carried was dragging his legs with his arms around the others’s shoulders, and when Campus Police stopped the students, the officers smelled alcohol on them. The male being carried said he had “pre-gamed the pre-game and then pre-gamed,” consuming Jack Daniels whiskey and beer throughout the night. He received medical attention and a summons for underage consumption of alcohol.
  • On Saturday, Sept. 13, at 12:05 a.m., Campus Police arrived at Wolfe Hall on reports of a student lying unconscious on the floor of a women’s restroom. While Lions EMS examined the student, Campus Police asked a female standing at the bathroom door if she was with the unconscious resident. She said the unconscious student was her friend from home and that they were both drinking vodka in the resident’s room. The unresponsive resident was transported to Capital Health, and the guest was issued a summons for underage alcohol consumption.


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