Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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This Saturday was a crazy day in college football. Arizona State beat USC on a last second Hail Mary. Three of the top six teams in the nation lost on Saturday — after No. 2-ranked Oregon lost on Thursday. There were a couple notable field stormings: one in Piscataway when Rutgers won its first game in the Big Ten against Michigan, and one in Oxford when Ole Miss defeated Alabama. The fans in Oxford brought the goal post down. Even with all this excitement on the field, the show in college football this weekend was stolen by someone else in Oxford — Katy Perry. 

This week, ESPN’s College Gameday was in Oxford for the Ole Miss-Alabama game. The scene at the famous Ole Miss Grove was absolutely electric the whole day, and the energy got turned up a few notches when Perry was brought in to be the celebrity guest picker for the day. Perry’s link to Ole Miss is that her manager and mentor are both Ole Miss alumni. I watch Gameday pretty regularly, and I can’t remember a Gameday as memorable as this Saturday’s.

Perry, being the entertainer that she is, electrified the crowd and blew up social media with some of her on-set antics. She showed up on the set wearing a pink sweater with the number 86 and bright red buns on top of her head. She then ripped off Lee Corso’s elephant mascot head after he picked Alabama to beat Ole Miss and kissed a cut-out of Kirk Herbstreit during his Ohio State days. 

Then there was Perry’s signature Gameday moment. When asked to pick the Oklahoma-TCU game, she brought out her other cut-out of Oklahoma quarterback Trevor Knight. She was gushing over Knight like she was a Belieber at one of Justin Bieber’s concerts. She even told Knight to call her on the air. Although Knight has a girlfriend and this appeared to be harmless play, many people were saying Knight must’ve been jinxed and distracted by Perry’s comments which caused Oklahoma to lose today to TCU. 

So on a day when there was so much excitement in the world of college football, one of music’s most fun entertainers clearly stole the show and added a little more excitement to the day.


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