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Soccer highlights homecoming show

Sophomore Brianna Petro scores her first goal of the season. (Photo courtesy of the Sports Information Desk)
Sophomore Brianna Petro scores her first goal of the season. (Photo courtesy of the Sports Information Desk)

The women’s soccer team stole the show during the Homecoming sporting events, beating William Paterson University 9-0 with a dominating display on Saturday, Oct. 25.

The Lions spent most of the game in the Pioneer’s zone, taking a grand total of 26 shots during the game (12 during the first half and 14 during the second), compared to the four taken by William Paterson during both halves.

Lions sophomore defenseman Brianna Petro, who was able to score her first goal of the season (42:16) and earned the team’s game hat — marking the player of the game — thought the defense was outstanding.

“They played well all around,” she said. “We worked really hard to get the ball back every time we lost it.”

The team rarely lost the ball, however, and when they did, it was only for one to three minute bursts. The Pioneers could never really get anything going against the Lions during the full 90 minutes.

Senior Korrie Harkins, who scored a hat trick during the game with three goals (9:16, 46:55, and 55:42), further complimented the team’s defense.

“They work hard,” Harkins said. “They’re hard to get past.”

When the defense wasn’t busy keeping the Pioneers at bay, the offense really shined. The Lions offense was able to both outmaneuver and force its way through a confused Pioneers defensive line.

Harkins went on to say that “everyone on the team was high energy” and that the buildup of energy allowed for an explosive offensive performance.

The rest of the goals came from freshman Elizabeth Thoreson (5:44), freshman Jessica Goldman (5:44 and 57:35), senior Gina Caprara (74:52) and freshman Hannah Richman (83:49).

After that kind of performance, however, Petro wasn’t going to let cockiness take over, as she looked to where the team could improve.

“We still have things to work on — our energy at times and our missed opportunities are some of them,” she said.

Coach Joe Russo went on to include that practices will focus more on offensive play as well.

“We can become more dangerous in the attacking third and as a team altogether,” he said.

The team’s previous scheduled game against Steven’s Institute of Technology on Tuesday, Oct. 22, was canceled due to inclement weather. The next game is the last of the regular season against Rowan University on Tuesday, Oct. 28, at home.

After that, the playoffs start, and depending on the result of Tuesday’s game, the Lions may receive a bye in the first round.

Harkins, however, believes the team’s focus lies on the more imminent task.

“We have one more regular season game, that’s what matters,” she said. “We’ll celebrate this win today. Tomorrow, we look toward our next game.”


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