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Business luncheon serves up cultural meals

By Melissa Natividade

The School of Business held the event “Keys to Success: Opening the Doors to Innova-tion” in the Atrium of Eickhoff Hall on Wednesday, Nov. 19, to promote secrets to success in both life and business through dining.

The global business-themed lunch was co-hosted by TCNJ Dining Services, which transformed Eickhoff with an abundance of decorations, posters and the aroma of food from all over the globe, each neatly arranged by country.

“We’ve made it all nice and pretty for you all today,” said Eickhoff worker Eve Cruz, surrounded by balloons and various other pieces of decor.

Each station in Eickhoff represents a different country and stock market. (
Each station in Eickhoff represents a different country and stock market. (

The Veggie Loop represented the Bombay stock exchange of Mumbai. Quimby’s Kitchen represented Frankfurt, which offered up traditional pork chops and sauerkraut, while Ceva Pizza and 31 North Deli showcased New York City in true fashion, with meals consisting of Italian pizzas, garlic knots, pastrami and muenster sandwiches on rye bread. Quimby’s Rotisserie highlighted the Australian Security Exchange with roasted potatoes and greens. C-Street Grill represented London with fish and chips, and the 91.3 Wokery illustrated the Tokyo Stock Exchange with Yakisoba Chicken.

Roscoes’s Tacos presented Brazil’s BM & F Bovespa. The traditional feijoada with rice and sausage was as big a hit with the Brazilian students on campus as the lunch was with students overall.

“It’s not equal to what we’re used to in Brazil,” said Luis Nascimento de Morais, a student participating in the Brazilian Government sponsored Science Without Borders Program. “But I’ve missed this kind of food a lot, so having feijoada of any kind was great.”

Beyond the balloons, tablecloths and eccentric food, Eickhoff was also lined with educational tidbits on each stock exchange and its country of origin. 

Each sign was placed alongside its corresponding station and served as reading material for those awaiting their meals, featuring everything from the country’s currency to its major imports and exports, as well as a brief history lesson on some of the common etiquette of the country.

The event featured information on the Mayo Business Plan Competition as well as the Business School’s “GoGlobal!” event, which was held later that evening.

“The Mayo Business Plan Competition is designed to increase student appreciation for the challenges associated with developing a viable business offering (product or service) while, through an iterative process, recognizing those students most able to articulate a plan that addresses these challenges,” the School of Business stated.

The competition seemed to be overlooked by many until a colossal, game show-esque check was presented in all of its $16,500 glory, the amount awarded to the first place winners in April of 2014.

“All TCNJ students are invited to participate. Students with ideas that might translate into viable business products or services can come from virtually any School and discipline,” according to the business website at the College. Further information on the competition, including the process and those eligible to participate, can also be found on the business website.


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