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Some campus construction unnecessary

By Lauren Vogel

The fences are up, the banners are down. That can only mean one thing — that’s right, more campus construction.

The College seems to be addicted to the never-ending string of new projects, all meant to help improve our surroundings. However, there comes a point where enough is enough.

So much money is being put into renovating locations that, quite frankly, don’t appear to need them, especially when there are other things toward which the money should be used.

Many housing locations on campus are in desperate need of an update, including the freshmen Towers and Ely, Allen and Brewster. Not only do those locations lack air-conditioning for the unbearable first few months of school, but housing in general is barely enough for half of the school.

For those students who live further away from campus and encounter unnecessary stress trying to find a place to live, more money could be put toward adding more dorms.

Safety concerns are also raised for anyone who has stepped foot in Forcina Hall, especially for those who have tried to use the elevators there. While some renovations are supposedly in the works, the building is simply too old.

As far as actual schoolwork goes, it is almost impossible to go one day without running into difficulty with the internet connection or lack thereof.

With many professors constantly making assignments due on Canvas and requiring papers which need  research from online sources, it is beyond necessary to have reliable Wi-Fi — something the College desperately lacks.

The inevitable loss of the Brower Student Center — a central location for all student activities — is beyond inconvenient, as well. Many clubs and organizations use the space to hold meetings and practices on a daily basis, something which they will struggle to do during its piecemeal renovation.

Without proper space, many are left to wonder where they will hold these events while the construction is ongoing.

Students are also losing two of the most popular meal equivalency locations — the Lions Den and the Rathskeller, the latter of which will soon be gone permanently.

Instead of renovating the Student Center — construction not set to complete until the fall of 2017 — the millions of dollars being spent should be used on projects that are in more immediate need of attention.


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