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Inconsistency for Loop Bus pick-up causes uproar

Some are unhappy with pick-ups by Loser Hall.
Some are unhappy with pick-ups by Loser Hall.

By Ellie Schuckman Opinions Editor

With the fencing up around the Brower Student Center, certain changes to campus events and offerings were bound to be effected, and the Loop Bus — coveted off-campus transportation — is no exception.

According to an email sent out from Ceil O’Callaghan, director of Planning and Administration, on Friday, April 10, pick-up for the bus will now take place on “Metzger Drive, across from the Paul Loser Hall entrance, on the Campus Town side.”

Though the promise was to pick students up from there, that has not been the case on multiple occasions, causing serious uproar.

“I have now taken the Loop Bus more than once from the new location, and each time it has picked me up from a different spot,” freshman open-options humanities and social science major Emily Loevy said. “What annoys me most is that even though I had been waiting for the bus longer than other people, they still got on before me because the bus didn’t go where we were told it would be.”

Loevy detailed how though she was there for over 10 minutes prior to the scheduled arrival time, others who ran up while the bus was pulling in got on first, taking all of the seats. She then had to wait another hour before the bus came around again.

This is simply unfair.

There needs to be a better system in place where students can actually form a proper line, and those who arrive first can get on the bus ahead of those who came after them.

The inconsistencies of pick-up locations only adds to the confusion.

When one driver stops by the bus stop where students were told to be and another driver pulls into the loop by Loser Hall, it becomes frustrating.

It is beyond difficult for students to plan accordingly and arrive with enough time to even make the bus initially.

Especially for freshmen who rarely have other means of off-campus transportation, the Loop Bus becomes ever more important. Some students rely on the bus to run errands and stock up on necessities they can’t find here at the College. Others take the bus to get away from campus life for a few hours and take a much-needed break from schoolwork and studying. Then there are those who rely on the Loop Bus to have a ride to the train station to travel home.

Inconveniences were bound to happen with the Student Center being under construction, but the lack of consistency is simply unacceptable.


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