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Celebritease: Bey ‘Flawless’ at 34

By Mackenzie Cutruzzula

Sports Editor

Queen Bey turns 34 and headlines Made in America. (AP Photo)
Queen Bey turns 34 and headlines Made in America. (AP Photo)

Beyoncé rang in her 34th birthday down the street from the Liberty Bell itself. Queen Bey headlined the two day music festival, Made in America, in Philadelphia on Saturday, Sept. 5, and Sunday, Sept. 6. The sold out crowd also enjoyed performances from The Weeknd and Nick Jonas.

As Beyoncé celebrated being another year older, “’90s kids” rejoiced at Nickelodeon tossing major throwback vibes their way. The Viacom-owned company announced in its plans for redevelopment they are looking into reviving classic shows, including “Rugrats” and “Hey Arnold!” A younger generation that might not have been able to enjoy such classics now has a new reason to rejoice.

James Franco announced that he will be teaching an eight-part film course at Palo Alto High School in Northern California. As he helps students through the process of creating their own film, he may end up teaching his future boss or even co-star.

In other news to make you feel old — J.K. Rowling announced on Tuesday, Sept. 1, Harry Potter’s son, James Sirius Potter, started Hogwarts this year. Like his father, he was sorted into Gryffindor and has probably already started causing a raucous.

As I hold onto the fact that at least Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley seem to be doing well, it appears that Kermit the Frog has officially moved on from Miss Piggy. He has been spotted with another pig named Denise. A source confirmed that the two are in fact dating, but the Twittersphere has been in a tizzy over the news. It seems his new lover very closely resembles actresses Natalie Dormer and Olivia Wilde. I guess blondes have more fun, but aren’t as fun to date. I am waiting on Miss Piggy for confirmation on this.

Wilde’s husband, Jason Sudeikis, appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” on Thursday, Sept. 3. In a twist on the classic “The Price is Right” game, “Plinko,” Fallon and Sudeikis, played the hydrating version, “Drinko.” The funny fellas each dropped two discs from above a board that land in Solo cups which determined what they would be drinking. The game led to interesting combinations such as Capri Sun and bubble tea, or tequila and pickle juice.

In non-funny news, The And Project released a video in conjunction with Glamour magazine this week that went viral after bringing two exes together to talk about why their seven-year relationship ended. If you’ve ever wanted to ask an ex why they cheated on you, view this video with caution — tears will be very, very real.

For happier news — babies! Jessie James Decker and husband Eric Decker welcomed their second child, Eric Thomas Decker II. The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is supposedly pregnant with child number three just months after giving birth to Princess Charlotte. The royals have not released an official statement, but it’s never too early to get excited about another royal baby.

Another royal power couple has been confirmed this week. Kanye West sent flowers to Taylor Swift with the announcement of #KanTay2020. The reference to West’s “campaign” announcement at the VMA’s, confirms that two are out to “Make America Great Again.” That’s actually another celebrity disguised as a political figure, but just imagine the Scottish Calvin Harris as the husband of the vice president. Now there’s good international relations to look out for as we follow the campaign trail.


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