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Apple presents their latest innovative lineup

By Olivia Rizzo
Social Media Editor

Apple announced its newest upgrades in San Francisco, Calif., Wednesday, Sept. 9, in an executive presentation National Geographic researchers revealed the findings of a new species that is believed to be an early ancestor of Homo sapiens. — where they broke some of their own rules.

One of the most shocking additions to Apple’s product line is something the late Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, had once regarded as passé  — a stylus pen called Apple Pencil, for $100, reported the New York Times.

Apple presented their latest iPad that also includes a feature which top leaders of the company once regarded as unfashionable — the new iPad Pro features a larger screen and faster processor, and will be fitted to use a new optional keyboard that attaches to the tablet.

As always, everything has its price. According to the Times, the iPad Pro is set to cost $800, not including the keyboard, which costs an additional $170. This brings the iPad, keyboard, stylus combo to a total cost of $1,070.

“The tablet, stylus and keyboard make for a combination computing device that Apple executives had long said that they wouldn’t create … indicating the people running the company today are willing to forget about the past as they try to cater to shifting consumer tastes,” reported the author of the Times article.

At the forefront of Apple’s product line, the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus were highlighted in an extensive two-hour presentation on Wednesday. The new phones feature a new featured called 3D Touch, according to the Times. This new capability allows users access to different menus based on how much pressure is used while pressing a button.

Apple CEO presents new features of the Apple Watch. AP Photo.
Apple CEO presents new features of the Apple Watch. AP Photo.

The new iPhones will operate on iOS 9 — Apple’s newest operating system.

According to Apple’s chief executive, Timothy D. Cook, the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are “the most advanced smartphones in the world,” reported the Times.

The new phones were made available to order on Saturday, Sept. 12, and will be launched on Sept. 25 with the iPhone 6S costing $200 and the iPhone 6S Plus costing $300, reported the Times.

The Apple Watch will include news apps, such as Facebook Messenger and Airstrip.

The Apple TV finally received its own major upgrade after three years. Cook showcased the TV’s new upgrades as “the company’s most ambitious effort yet to become the focal point of home entertainment systems,” reported the Times.

Apple TV will include new apps for shopping and travel and will include access to video games.

Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, will now bring her voice to the new TV. With Siri’s help, search capabilities are said to enhance.

The other stellar announcement of the day was that of Apple’s new payment plan. Customers can now choose to pay $32 a month to upgrade their phone each year if they buy their phone through Apple.

Now only time will tell if Apple’s innovative technology can compete in the cutthroat technology industry — even if some of that innovation were something executives once said they wouldn’t produce.

“The market will decide whether it’s a good idea for Apple to do things that it has said it wouldn’t or that people don’t think it should,” said Tuong Huy Nguyen, a Gartner technology analyst to the Times. “So far, the market has liked it.”



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