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Kappa Delta spreads confidence on campus

By Kayla Lafi
Features Assistant

There are times where students get wrapped up in the craziness that is college. They can sometimes lose themselves in the midst of all the assignments, exams and group projects. It tests students’ will and how they feel about themselves. College can take a toll on someone’s confidence and Kappa Delta (KD) wants to change that by celebrating confidence, women and friendship throughout the month of September.

“Personally, this is very important to me because in our busy days as college students, I recognize how easy it is to not take a moment to be a good friend or give yourself a pat on the back,” said senior elementary education and math double major Jenna Vartan, president of KD. “But Kappa Delta wants to help people take that time to remember they are beautiful, intelligent and they have people around them to support them.”

Students dunk their friends to help raise money.  (Jessica Ganga / Features Editor)
Students dunk their friends to help raise money. (Jessica Ganga / Features Editor)

KD’s Vice President of Public Relations Jennifer White, senior self designed speech pathology major, had been planning the events for months, according to Vartan The events involve simple ways to promote confidence and friendship on the College’s campus. 

“The Confidence Coalition is a movement created by Kappa Delta that motivates women and girls to be confident in themselves in all aspects of life,” White said.

International Women’s Friendship month is celebrated throughout September and apart of KD’s Confidence Coalition.

“As a chapter, we decided to combine KD’s Confidence Month and International Women’s Friendship month at TCNJ in September,” White said. “Together we should promote both confidence and friendship, among girls and women both on and off TCNJ’s campus.”

The kick-off event, the You Make Me Smile Campaign, was held on Friday, Sept. 4, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Alumni Grove. Nationally, all KD chapters celebrate this event. The KD sisters gave out positive messages on paper balloons, an eco-friendly decision on behalf of the College, to passersby. This year, KD sisters gave out over 200 balloons and lollipops as well as around 200 positive messages on sticky notes.

Brittany Pontebbi, a junior nursing major and KD’s vice president of Community Service, plans and hosts all of KD’s Shamrock events. Shamrock events are a part of KD’s fundraising efforts for their philanthropy, Prevent Child Abuse America.

“I wanted to have our philanthropy event during Confidence Month because the money we raise goes directly to helping children in need,” Pontebbi said. “Abuse and neglect can have a huge negative impact on a child’s school performance, self-concept and self-confidence, and this disturbed perception of self may stay with them for the rest of their lives.  

“I thought that having this event during Confidence Month was a great way to really drive home the point of our philanthropy and raise a lot of awareness.”

Kappa Delta’s Shamrock event, Shamrock Dunk Tank, was held on Wednesday, Sept. 16, at Alumni Grove and anyone passing by could have donated $2 per throw and $5 for three throws to dunk a KD sister. Kappa Delta was also selling Pure Vida bracelets for $5, which was part of Random Acts of Kindness and Prevent Child Abuse America. All proceeds went to their philanthropy. For a cooldown from the heat, ice pops were also being sold for three for $5. As the host of the event, Pontebbi, had the honor of being dunked last into the tank.

KD sisters strike a pose for the camera during an event. (Kim Iannarone / Photo Editor)
KD sisters strike a pose for the camera during an event. (Kim Iannarone / Photo Editor)

All were welcomed to take pictures at KD’s Friendship Photo Booth event — a fan favorite — which took place on Tuesday, Sept. 22, at Alumni Grove. KD provided snacks and fun props to use in the photos, allowing students to create funny pictures with their friends. According to White, pictures from the event can be found on the College’s KD Facebook page.

Wake Up with Confidence Yoga Class with the College’s Humanitarian Yoga Club ended KD’s month long confidence celebration on Sunday, Sept. 27. Located in Decker basement, the sisters of KD, members of Humanitarian Yoga and others took part in the event.

According to White, yoga was chosen as the closing event because it’s a great way to relax and recharge from our busy schedules.

KD hopes that the events bring about friendship, confidence and a sense of true-self. Their efforts here at the College are greatly appreciated. KD encourages the students here at the College to be their true selves.

“We hope that those we’ve reached will take the message of confidence and friendship beyond the month of September and remember it in their everyday lives,” Vartan said. “We hope that our events will help people remember how important mental (health) is and how big a role confidence plays in that.”


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