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Celebritease: Say ‘Hello’ again to Adele

By Mackenzie Cutruzzula
Sports Editor

Adele is making a return to the charts with her new single. (AP Photo)
Adele is making a return to the charts with her new single. (AP Photo)

Adele’s first word to the world after her hiatus was fittingly, “Hello.” The singer released her latest single on Friday, Oct. 23 off her much anticipated album “25,” slated to be released in November. She debuted the music video accompanying the song and undoubtedly broke the Internet. The sepia-toned video starring Tristan Wilde of “The Wire” was viewed 25 million times in one day. It has been three years since Adele’s uber successful “21,” and the people of the world just got a reminder of how broad their emotional spectrum really spans.

In other revival news, Netflix is reportedly bringing fans back to Stars Hollow with the return of “Gilmore Girls.” Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino will allegedly be in charge of the four new 90-minute episodes. There is no word yet if the love of my life, Jess Mariano (Milo Ventimiglia) will be coming back for his soulmate Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel), but that also, thankfully, means there hasn’t been word of the worst choice ever for Rory, Logan Huntzberger (Matt Czunchry) making a return either.

Kristen Wiig admitted that the backlash over the “Ghostbusters” remake has really bummed her out. Cast alongside Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon, the actresses feel that they are doing their best to remake the ’80s classic with integrity.

“Some people said some really not nice things about the fact that there were women,” Wiig said to the Los Angeles Times. “It didn’t make me mad, it just really bummed me out. We’re really honoring those movies.”

Another strong leading lady making headlines this week was the Duchess of Cambridge herself, Kate Middleton. The princess upped her always on-point fashion game for the state banquet at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, Oct. 20. Donning a red floor-length Jenny Packham gown, Middleton wore a borrowed tiara from the Queen for the third time since her marriage to Prince William. In a very “Princess Diaries”-esque manor, Middleton tapped glasses with  Xi Jinping, the president of China at the banquet, and she looked glamorous, yet approachable.

Jessica Biel was another new mom to make an appearance in the spotlight this week. Stepping out with her husband of three years, Justin Timberlake, the power couple attended the GLSEN Respect Awards on Friday, Oct. 23. Timberlake and Biel were honored with the Inspiration Award for their impact on the LGBTQ+ youth. The couple looked absolutely elegant despite the stress of parenting and took time to joke about their new time constraints.

“Thank you for allowing Mommy and Daddy to have a rare date night out together with other adults,” Timberlake said in his acceptance speech. “Honey, look around. This is what adults look like. They don’t smell like poopy diapers.”

Kourtney Kardashian stepped out with her children on Saturday, Oct. 24, to show her superhuman strength as a single-mother. In the spirit of Halloween, Kourtney dressed up as Wonder Woman with her three children beside her as tiny-tot superheroes themselves. Kourtney’s niece, North West, looked adorable as ever as a unicorn among her cousins. As the Kardashians celebrate, I am still looking for volunteers to dress up as Taylor Swift’s girl squad.


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