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John Scott wins All-Star MVP

By Michael Battista
Sports Editor

It’s rare nowadays that sports fans get to experience true, storybook endings.

Over the weekend, NHL fans were able to witness a two-month struggle end with a moment that will be etched into sports history.

John Scott, the Pacific Division All-Star Team captain with five NHL goals to his name, played like he belonged in the All-Star game on Sunday, Jan. 31, in Nashville, Tenn.

John Scott is celebrated as MVP. (AP Photo)
John Scott is celebrated as MVP. (AP Photo)

In the new 3-3 tournament format, the Pacific faced off against the Central Division late in the afternoon, where Scott scored two goals against All-Star goalies for his team on route to a 9-6 win.

During the game, Scott even got into a friendly scuffle with former teammate and Central Division team captain Patrick Kane. The crowd, who was just as against Kane as they were for Scott, ate it up.

In the championship game against the Atlantic Division, both teams played amazingly well. In an era where All-Star games are usually blowouts with little defense, the final score saw the Pacific Division win, 1-0.

When all was done and the Pacific began to celebrate, all eyes rested on Scott. The Most Valuable Player (M.V.P.) of the game, who is awarded a brand new car, is voted by the fans.

The fans in the arena knew who it was going to be from the start.

As Scott was being interviewed over the intercom system by NBC Hockey analyst Pierre McGuire, the crowd began to chant the three letters

“M.V.P., M.V.P., M.V.P.!”

Seizing the moment, Scott’s teammates gathered around him and raised him in the air on their shoulders.

Picture this: A guy with only five NHL goals being lifted into the air by some of the game’s best players.

Scott would win the M.V.P., with multiple hockey teams’ social media outlets pushing for him as well, and the NHL Hall of Fame has asked for his All-Star Helmet to be displayed in its halls.

What started out as a simple joke has ended with a player, who didn’t belong, becoming intertwined with the history of the NHL.

But that night, John Scott was only one thing: an M.V.P..


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