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March Madness: LTV vs. Signal — Final

Villanova University beats the University of North Carolina in Houstan, Texas. (AP Photo)
Villanova University beats the University of North Carolina in Houston, Texas. (AP Photo)

(As of Monday, April 4)

1: EJ Paras (LTV)
Points: 860
Percent Correct: 82%

2: Sean Reis (The Signal)
Points: 850
Percent Correct: 80.8%

3: Otto Gomez (LTV)
Points: 580
Percent Correct: 30%

4: Michael Battista (The Signal)
Points: 480
Percent Correct: 12.3%

And now, a word from our champion, the Media and Public Relations Director of LTV, EJ Paras:

“Always trust the Tar Heels! I’ve been a Tar Heels fan since I was a little kid – Vince Carter was a huge reason for that. For nostalgic reasons, I usually pick them to win it all when it comes to making brackets, and this year was no exception! I wish Oklahoma wasn’t humbled as much as they were in the Final Four against Villanova, but they still really had an impressive run in the tournament. It was a valiant fight, Mike and Sean, but as Otto knows already, #LTVisFun and #LTVWins!
and @EJ_Paras on Twitter and Instagram!”

“A great man once said, ‘The Signal’s cool and all, but LTV’s where it’s at” – Shia LaBeouf

(In the April 6 print edition of the Signal, the date for which the brackets were updated incorrectly read “Sunday, April 3.” This was a typo and all points were updated as of Monday, April 4.)


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