Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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Unity in politics: a joint message from College Democrats & College Republicans

By Ryan Jones and Jon Moukh

With each passing day, it seems that America is becoming more and more divided. The media depicts a society whose differences are crowding out its similarities. The issues, the election, the candidates — everything and everyone seems to be moving further apart, the room for civil discourse shrinking.

But as a new generation, we see things differently. Our experiences, values and ambitions don’t fit neatly with those of our parents and grandparents. Growing up with extreme partisanship, we have come to value ideas, results and dialogue over ideology. While our ideas often differ, our desire to listen to each other and understand our differences is strong. As we get older and take positions of leadership in society, expect these qualities to be a hallmark of our presence.

We don’t need to wait a decade to see the impact: for many months, our organizations have worked closely together to create more politics-related programming.

We worked with the TCNJ Votes Coalition and the Political Union to design and promote Politics Week, a new initiative launched Monday.

We work together on everything from voter registration to event promotion.

And today, we are co-sponsoring “Alternatives to the War on Drugs,” a lecture and discussion with Ethan Nadelmann, the founder and executive director of Drug Policy Alliance. While our members disagree on many issues, we agree that constructive dialogue is always better than anger-spewed attacks.

If College Democrats and College Republicans can get along, can’t we all?


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