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Some aspects of on-campus life are annoying

By Connor Smith

News Editor

In most cases, the College treats students living on campus well. The rooms are cozy enough, the food is passable and the campus usually looks splendid. That said, a few minor changes could go a long way toward improving the overall experience.

First off, why is every useful exit alarmed? I understand the importance of keeping intruders out at night, but during the day? New Residence Hall, for example, has a quaint area that’s gated off from the back. One would think that the doors could easily provide basic access, but no, they’re alarmed.

Some of these doors, like the ones by the T-Dubs entrance, don’t even go off. If the alarm maybe takes some time to go off, then there should be a sign that indicates the alarm is delayed. Why do I have to play a game of roulette every time I want to leave the damn building?

Speaking of T-Dubs, can we have a quick discussion about the cost of mac and cheese? A tiny bowl can cost as much as $15. Last time I checked, a scoop or two of noodles and cheese doesn’t cost the same on the open market as filet mignon.

The worst part is that this dish is actually pretty good. Freshman year I was out of points by mid-November in large part due to the mac and cheese. I understand that points and dollar amounts have a conversion rate, but $15 for mac and cheese is criminal.

Another gripe I have is with the free mugs those with a Carte Blanche meal plan are provided. I don’t oppose free stuff, even if they’re really just taking it out of our overall cost. However, the “spill proof” label should be reconsidered. I’ve seen these bad boys tip over and pour out more than any other mug.

Swipe access restrictions affect on- and off-campus residents. (
Swipe access restrictions affect on- and off-campus residents. (

What’s worse is that they’re the only mugs approved for use in the Library. Do they want coffee and gatorade all over the study tables? If this is the best we have in spill prevention, then maybe we need to go back to the drawing board.

Lastly, let’s talk about swipe access. Due to safety concerns, swipe access to residential buildings prior to 5 p.m. were revoked from everyone that doesn’t live in said building. The point is to stop intruders, but they’re the ones who are not swiping into the building.

Why are we punishing people who play by the rules rather than the tailgaters who follow someone who swipes into the building? If I have a club meeting in the Cromwell Lounge, I should be able to go there during the day. I pay the same amount as they do to attend and live at the College.

Restricting our rights is not the way to handle safety. Why not improve surveillance and add cameras that can actually identify potentially intruders, rather than some blurry images that show some dude wearing green?

The fact that these are the only concerns I can think of, other than Sodexo as a whole, is probably a good thing. Many schools have it much worse, so I’m glad the College is nice enough that any real criticism is just nitpicking.


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