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Teachers succeed with controlled classrooms

By Sherley Alaba

Teaching is a physically and mentally demanding job — standing for several hours in front of 50 or so students after doing extensive research on the lesson’s topic is no easy feat. Giving presentations in my college years while standing in front of so many students, I have come to realize in that small time, the challenges the teachers face during their lectures.

The problem becomes tenfold if that group comprises young kids. As with young students you must be prepared for frequent interruptions, too.

Aspiring teachers should know that despite how stressful the job is, every problem has a solution.

For example, it is natural to have one student that you like best, but it is advisable not to show you favor them, so no one feels left out.

If a student in your class gets an exceptionally good grade, then by all means showcase it to the class, but you should display the efforts of other students who have improved or performed well, too. This way, more students in your class can get recognition for their efforts.

Offering a letter of recommendation for students’ scholarships for colleges can also be a motivation that the hardworking students would need.

In order to make everyone feel included, you should have the class interact with Mach other as much as possible. Don’t just lecture — let them share their views on the topic or have them research it.

You can create groups and assign them small activities so they get a chance to mingle with each other. By providing them with an activity, you are giving them the chance to discuss and listen to each other’s views.

When you are teaching a large class, it can also take some time learn the your students’ names. If you’re bad with names, then you can let them know that you will try your best. You can also try to get to know your students on a more personal level to help you remember their names more effectively.

The bigger the class, the more difficult it becomes for teachers to keep an eye on their students and prevent them from cheating on tests. The easiest type of exam for answers to be spread around is multiple choice, so it is best to include some writing component in the student’s exams.

Young casual teacher of painting with paper pyramid asking her students question (envato elements).

Make the students aware of the consequences of getting caught cheating — this kind of fear is good for maintaining discipline and class decorum.

Keeping students focused and holding their attention is a tough task, but technology has helped teachers in this area.

We are blessed with computers and the ability to organize information into presentations. In college, students and professors present pictures, information not from the book or a short documentary to better communicate with one another.

There is no denying the fact that teachers bear the huge responsibility of shaping children’s minds. By applying these tips to the classroom, teachers have the power to guide students with their expert knowledge through a well-controlled class.


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