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Campus Style: Amanda Valentin

By Jillian Greene

This week we’re catching up with Amanda Valentin, a junior nursing major whose style I idolize. She’s always dressed to impress, regardless of the occasion. From head to toe, her style shines bright.

Valentin shows off her style. (Photo courtesy of Jillian Greene)

JG: What is your favorite accessory?
AV: I never leave the house without my dainty diamond staple necklace. I think it’s timeless and simple.

JG: How do you feel about the new slip-on sneaker trend?
AV: I have a pair. I think they’re perfect for on the go.

JG: What’s your stance on fur?
AV: If it’s faux fur, go for it. I love the new fur slip-on sandals. I’ve been seeing them everywhere I turn.

JG: Where do you find the best bargains?
AV: T.J. Maxx, Marshalls and Nordstrom Rack. You also can’t go wrong with department store sales.

JG: How do you feel about boyfriend ripped jeans?
AV: I love them! Wearing them, I feel as though I am wearing sweatpants.

JG: Shorts or skirts?
AV: Skirts.

JG: What winter trend won’t you miss?
AV: Black, simple chokers. I prefer the colored ones that stand out.

JG: What spring trend are you most excited about?
AV: High-waisted, flowy pants I can’t wait to wear those again.

JG: Summer or winter clothing?
AV: Winter, definitely. I will miss my boots.


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