December 1, 2020

Campus Style: Revamp your old wardrobe

March 8, 2020 Signal Contributor 0

Students are constantly looking to dress stylish, cool and trendy, whether they are walking to class, meeting up with friends or venturing off-campus. If you’re looking to impress your peers, just look to the back of your closet for clothes that you normally ignore — they are begging to be upcycled. Not only will you look amazing and save money, but the environment will also be catching a break, as the production of fast fashion harms our planet. Utilizing the clothes you already have will prove to be beneficial for all. […]

Campus Style: Smart packing for spring break

March 2, 2020 Marina Zupko 0

Around this time of year, college students are hustling to find the perfect spring break destination. Spring break isn’t cheap, so after booking the flight and hotel, it may feel like you’re really pushing your luck in spending money. There are many smart hacks to avoid extra fees — an important one is to not check a bag. But how can you fit five-days worth of stuff into a carry on? Here is how I utilize the price hack while still being able to carry my favorite items anywhere I travel. […]

Campus Style: Roll out of Bed

February 17, 2020 Marina Zupko 0

Since I’ve started college, there have been so many mornings when all I wanted to do was to roll out of bed and head to class in my pajamas. I’m someone who takes pride in my appearance, even if that means putting in just an ounce of effort, so I would push through the pain of getting out of bed to give myself an extra 30 minutes to pick out an outfit, straighten my hair and apply a bit of makeup. […]

Campus Style: Affordable Designer Options

February 10, 2020 Marina Zupko 0

It is quite common for young adults to feel pressured to succumb to the latest trends. Between bags, belts and clothes, designer pieces are always regarded as iconic fashion. Although the designer look is one that young people strive for, it is something that most 20-somethings cannot afford. Despite this fact, there are still multiple ways to obtain these items without filing for bankruptcy. […]

Campus Style: Chic Gucci Accessories

February 3, 2020 Marina Zupko 0

A trend that has taken not only New Jersey, but the world, by storm is the Gucci belt. Going out to dinner? Add the belt. Meeting friends at a bar? Add the belt. Women are dressing up any and every outfit with this piece, turning it into an iconic staple and symbol of luxury. […]

Campus Style: Trends to leave in 2019

January 27, 2020 Marina Zupko 2

2019’s biggest fashion trends, from chunky sneakers to flashy sunglasses, have taken over our closets by storm. It is far too easy to jump on the bandwagon in the fashion world, and when college students across the nation latch onto these popular looks, before you know it, everyone on campus is dressing the same way. […]

Campus Style: Colors in Fashion

December 2, 2019 Diana Solano 0

During the cold winter season, it’s easy to fill a closet with hoodies, sweatpants and moccasins, and it’s even easier to throw on basic outfits under a parka when snow starts to fall. I love comfy clothes as much as the next person, but I think it’s time that we all get out of our relationship with sweats. Colors can be a little intimidating to add to one’s closet. However, if we set our fears aside, we will discover a whole new world of fashion. These colors are not only trendy, but they are important in showing what you stand for. […]

Campus Style: Festive Outfits

November 5, 2019 Signal Contributor 0

It’s finally that time of the season when a coat is required with every outfit in order to stay warm. Daylight savings means an extra hour in bed, but it comes with the cost of having the sun set sooner. These shortened days might have put a black cloud over your wardrobe. You might wish for the return of summer in order to wear more colorful clothes. […]

Campus Style: Halloween Costume Guide

October 30, 2019 Signal Contributor 0

Halloween is the first stop along the holiday train moving towards Thanksgiving and Christmas. This month is meant to lift your spirits and is full of “witchful” thinking. No matter what age you are, there’s no denying that anyone can […]

Campus Style: Throwback Fashion

October 22, 2019 Signal Contributor 0

When fall begins, it’s always a good idea to swap out your shorts and tank tops for fall clothes like sweaters and ankle boots. This is also a good time of the year to clean out your closet in order to bring new trends in. When you’re cleaning, you might even hold up a few articles of clothing and think, “will I ever wear this again?” […]

Campus Style: Accessories Guide

October 16, 2019 Signal Contributor 0

Have you ever felt like your outfit could be taken up a few notches by adding something onto it to tie all the pieces of your outfit together? The answer is to accessorize. Accessories can range from belts to jewelry with everything in between like shoes and purses. For example, take a regular outfit that consists of blue jeans and a knit sweater. Tuck in the sweater, put on a black belt with a gold buckle and add a matching black purse or statement earrings, and your outfit just got taken up a few notches. […]

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