October 20, 2020

Campus Style: Trends to leave in 2019

By Marina Zupko

2019’s biggest fashion trends, from chunky sneakers to flashy sunglasses, have taken over our closets by storm. It is far too easy to jump on the bandwagon in the fashion world, and when college students across the nation latch onto these popular looks, before you know it, everyone on campus is dressing the same way. 

When it comes to last year’s trends, there is a fine line to be crossed when it comes to what should stay and what should go. With 2019 coming to a close, let’s take a look at some fashion trends that should not follow us into the new decade.

Ditch these chunky ‘dad’ shoes in 2020 (Instagram).

Chunky Filas

These obnoxiously bulky, ’90s dad-esque shoes seem to engulf the legs of nearly every girl in my classes. They are the type of shoes that you physically cannot tear your eyes from (in the worst way). Save your classmates the eyesore and leave these monstrosities in the past.

Adidas “Superstar” shoes

These white shoes with black straps, which can be found in almost any girl’s closet, have to be Fila’s runner-up for worst trend. Instead of choosing this specific shoe style, aim for something more classic, like a plain white Superga or even a different style of Adidas. 

Sweatpants tucked into high socks 

There is no shame in rocking a pair of joggers, a sweatshirt and sneakers to campus — there is shame, however, in tucking the bottom of your sweatpants into high, white Nike socks, which is another questionable fashion trend from 2019. Either leave the socks under the joggers or ditch the socks altogether. 

Clout glasses

Stop chasing clout and start chasing class. It is rare for anyone to look good in a thick-rimmed pair of white sunglasses. There are so many shade styles that are far more appealing – invest in a nice pair of Raybans or a simple pair of Tortoise. 

PINK athleisure is tacky and outdated (Instagram).

Victoria’s Secret PINK line

Remember in 7th grade when every girl would show up to school in a black pullover with the word “PINK” in neon green? This may have been the perfect athleisure outfit at age 13, but as we enter our 20s, it’s important to start distinguishing comfy and tacky. 

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