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Campus Style: Activewear

By Diana Solano 
Distribution Manager

These days, activewear — like joggers, sneakers and windbreakers — is not only what you wear for a run or workout at the gym, but also on your walk to class. Comfortable and casual, activewear is flattering on any body shape. So if you’re ever debating whether to put on that comfortable oversized sweater or a pair of align shorts, just do it. This trend of activewear started with the rise in popularity of joggers. 

1. Joggers 

These are the perfect pants to wear anywhere you go, because they aren’t as tight as leggings and not as loose as sweatpants. Pair them with a t-shirt and sneakers for a comfortable, yet trendy look. The most popular colors for leggings are dark blue, gray, black and white. Besides t shirts, you can pair joggers with a tank top and throw on a jean jacket to keep warm.

2. Windbreakers and Crewnecks 

They’re there to keep you warm while you run or walk to class. Windbreakers are also able to protect you from the rain. When paired with leggings, they can add comfort to your outfit. With the fall season among us, it’s not the time to break out the heavy duty jackets just yet. Crewnecks and windbreakers are lightweight and cozy.

3. Biker Shorts 

I noticed the trend of pairing biker shorts with an oversized t-shirt or a sweatshirt. I wasn’t a huge fan of this trend until I participated in it myself and realized how cozy and pleasant these shorts were. On days where it’s too warm for leggings, these shorts are a great alternative. You can pair these shorts with a crewneck or windbreaker for some warmth on chillier days. On warmer days, you can pair them with a large t-shirt, high socks and chunky sneakers for a ’90s vibe. 


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