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Breaking News! WTSR plays music, motivates student to invest in AUX cord

By Ramsey Phillips

Jonathan Skidmore, a junior biology major, recently purchased an auxiliary cord for his 1997 Toyota Corolla.

“Living off campus has been great,” Skidmore said. “But the radio stations around here are absolute garbage.”

Skidmore had a brief change of heart in early September when his friend Steven Gordo told him about 91.3 WTSR (“Open your mind!”), the only radio station broadcasting stuttering college students from Kendall Hall.

Gordo had told Skidmore to tune in Wednesdays at 4 p.m., when he held his weekly show of unfathomably terrible dance music. A look into WTSR’s private statistics tells us that Gordo’s show has an estimated listenership of four people, reportedly a 400 percent increase from last semester.

Gordo alleges that the massive spike in his program’s popularity comes from his Snapchat story. His stories, which he called an “absolute riot” by his own accord, feature a selfie of Gordo in front of a microphone with the caption “oh shit im live come tune in WTSR yea yupppppppp.”

The Chip reached out to WTSR’s faculty advisor via email for an insightful comment on Gordo’s wildly popular program.

“Steven’s show is gr eat. Goofd songs good kid ;nice guy.
Sent from my iPhone”

Despite WTSR’s controversial decision last semester to play B.O.B.’s “Airplanes” on repeat 24/7 as an act of protest against flat earthers, some students have great things to say about the station.

“WTSR has been on a hot streak lately,” said freshman Kaylee Onlee. “After they played Tame Impala at the Welcome Week barbecue, I knew they were into underground music like me too!”

Whether you’re a Ewing local or a student at the College, one thing is for sure — WTSR is a radio station that broadcasts music. 


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