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Campus Style: Roll out of Bed

By Marina Zupko

Since I’ve started college, there have been so many mornings when all I wanted to do was to roll out of bed and head to class in my pajamas. I’m someone who takes pride in my appearance, even if that means putting in just an ounce of effort, so I would push through the pain of getting out of bed to give myself an extra 30 minutes to pick out an outfit, straighten my hair and apply a bit of makeup. As an upperclassman, I’ve come to realize that it is possible to look put together without making a huge effort. Here is what I do to pull off the “I just rolled out of bed” look while also not looking like a complete slob. 

The secret to pulling off this look? Preparation. Before you go to bed, prep for your dress-down day. After showering, choose pajamas that don’t scream “I’m wearing my pajamas,” such as joggers and a graphic tee or tank rather than a matching set. If it’s cold outside, choose a jacket, shoes and socks that you can lay out for the morning. If you tend to have messy hair in the morning, braid your hair loosely, so it isn’t uncomfortable to sleep on. Once your nighttime routine is complete, head to bed and set your alarm for a later time than usual.

Graphic Tees are stylish with sweatpants (Envato Elements).

When you wake up, take your time getting out of bed as you have already made yourself semi-prepared for the day. When you’re finally feeling awake, get out of bed and straighten out your clothes. If your tee is oversized and looks baggy, tie it up in a knot in the front of the shirt. Roll your joggers once and put on the jacket, shoes and socks that you prepped the night before. Take out your braid and see what you’re working with. If it looks fine, stick with it. If it doesn’t look as presentable as you want it to be, throw on a beanie or tie it in a loose bun. 

Tie the outfit together with a fresh pair of sneakers (Envato Elements).

Makeup is a very different process for everyone. While some people prefer a full face, others might choose a light cover or even a natural face. Personally, I go natural or just apply a light layer of bronzer and blush. Even if you are the type to apply a full face, sleeping in is still an option because you’re saving time on clothes and hair. Once you’re ready, you’ll be heading to class feeling comfortable and refreshed. 


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