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Campus Style: Chic Gucci Accessories

By Marina Zupko

A trend that has taken not only New Jersey, but the world, by storm is the Gucci belt. Going out to dinner? Add the belt. Meeting friends at a bar? Add the belt. Women are dressing up any and every outfit with this piece, turning it into an iconic staple and symbol of luxury. 

Coming in multiple colors, such as brown or black, the belt may seem like any other. But what makes this belt so envied is the signature “GG” buckle that adorns the front. The bigger the “G”s, the higher the price, and gold versus silver is also a price factor. The simplest belt option sells for $450, whereas a more expensive option comes out to a whopping price of $700.

Although this trend surged in the last six months, the Gucci brand has released a new item that is slowly beginning to replace that of the belt: Gucci tights. They’re simple black, lacy tights that are also adorned with the signature “GG” logo. The tights price out at $100, a major deduction from the belt. Although it still may seem ridiculous to spend $100 on a pair of black tights, this is a much more affordable option if you are looking for a designer look. Not only is the price cheaper, but the tights can be extremely versatile. Social media influencers are wearing these tights with almost anything. I have seen them worn with skirts and dresses, under ripped jeans and even with oversized tee shirts. 

Before you run out and purchase the tights, remember that even though the brand is designer, tights are still tights. Thin, lacy fabrics tend to rip, tear and run. It all comes down to whether or not your budget can take the blow of spending $100 more than once if you want to keep up with the Gucci lifestyle.


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