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Campus Style: Festive Outfits

By Diana Solano
Distribution Manager

It’s finally that time of the season when a coat is required with every outfit in order to stay warm. Daylight savings means an extra hour in bed, but it comes with the cost of having the sun set sooner. These shortened days might have put a black cloud over your wardrobe. You might wish for the return of summer in order to wear more colorful clothes. Although there’s a lack of sunshine, it doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to look forward to. With the holiday season right around the corner, it’s time to fill your closet with festive fall outfits. 

Wear plaid for a fall look (Envato Elements).

1. Plaid Dresses 

Many people wear gray plaid for a sophisticated and chic look. It’s a simple pattern that you can accessorize. Or, you can throw on a white or black sweater to stay warm or make a classic color pop out. Multicolor plaid is something taken from the ’90s fashion trends. These dresses are a new trend and can give you that pop of color that you’ve been wanting. Dresses are always a go-to look for a simple, yet festive holiday look. 

2. Corduroy 

Whether it’s a corduroy skirt, dress or pair of pants, this fabric always screams fall. It’s comfortable to wear and, with all the different variations, there are multiple items that you can add to your closet. This fabric also comes in different fall colors. Pair an emerald green corduroy skirt with a nice wool sweater and you’ll have your first outfit. Tan corduroy pants paired with a nice t-shirt also can be a more casual look for the holidays. V-neck corduroy dresses with a turtleneck underneath are in every fall lookbook. The possibilities of corduroy styles and combinations are endless. 

3. Knits/Wool 

Sweater dresses are one piece of clothing is always popular during the fall and winter season. Paired with thigh-high boots, it’s a “ready to go out on the town” type of look. Sweater dresses are also easy to accessorize with belts, earrings and purses. Turtleneck sweater dresses are becoming more and more popular.  It’s a dress made from cozy fabric that you can feel good wearing to any occasion. 


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