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Classic Signals: Students struggle to register for classes

By Viktoria Ristanovic
Features Editor

Spring registration is creeping up. Panic about getting required classes is underway. Everyone at the College has to deal with racing log into Paws and registering for classes on the day their registration opens up. Some people go to their professors to make sure their spot in a required course is reserved. It’s every man for himself. 

Spring registration can give an individual stress (Photo courtesy of the TCNJ Digital Archives).

In an editorial from a November 2003 issue of The Signal, a reporter expressed disdain for the system’s quality during registration at the College years ago. Some students had to walk to Green Hall to be placed into their classes. It may be 2019 now, but times haven’t changed. 

Can’t we all just get into our required classes?

Hey, T.E.S.S. worked this year. 

Thanks to Records and Registration for finally fixing those bugs that wouldn’t allow anyone to get through to The Electronic Student Service during registration. 

For the sake of freshmen out there who never experienced this, I’ll explain — registration used to be a long and complicated process that annoyed everyone on campus. 

It was especially annoying when your roommate was able to get through online or on the phone, and went back to bed while you were trying T.E.S.S. and A.S.T.R.O. simultaneously, unable to get through on either system. 

Finally, you would give up and march over to Green Hall. 

Things are better now. 

You can register from the comfort of your own room. 

You can be a full-time student and keep your housing. Life is good. 

Oh, except for those pesky prerequisites. 

Apparently someone forgot to tell T.E.S.S. about the transformative change. 

It’s hard enough to schedule, but if you need one of those three spots that are left in Advanced Cellular Engineering Management Statistics, it may be gone by the time you walk over to Records and Registration. 

Hope you can still graduate on time? 

That is the fear for many students who need key classes for their majors. 

Some are lucky enough to be signed in by professors who are willing to overfill the classroom for the sake of your higher education. 

Some are not so lucky. 

T.E.S.S. and Records and Registration are trying, which is important. 

There is a lot of time and energy going into overhauling the system.


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