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Dressing for spring can be challenging

By Sherley Alaba

College is when you discover yourself and open up to new changes that may come your way.

College students become in charge of their own lives, which means that small things like handling finances and staying up to date with style can become a problem.

There is pressure for students to update their wardrobe while considering the amount of money they have. The budget becomes even tighter when they have just been on spring break, but now want to revamp their wardrobe for warmer weather in the summer.

The weather in New Jersey can be really hot, so when traveling outside of campus, you need light clothing that keeps you cool. When you are going to class, you must also dress comfortably without getting too hot or cold. You need to keep a balance between the two, so here are tips for you to stay trendy, practical and within budget.

Whether you are going to class or spending the evening with friends, you have the option to dress up in a tank top, crop top or light tee. You can wear a fancy shirt to classes and cover it with a shrug to minimize the over-the-top effect during the day and then go out at night without needing to change outfits.

When traveling outside of campus, you need light clothing that keeps you cool (envato elements).

Avoid wearing really short halter tops, as those can be too fun for class, however, if you layer the halter with a button-up shirt by tying it up just above your waist for the class, you can then take it off to go clubbing.

If your tank or crop top is not fancy, then you need to go with chic bottoms. Try patterned skirts that are just above-the-knee length or distressed jeans. A flounce, tulle or tiered skirt can be a great option to add flair to your whole look. You can also wear a nice, sophisticated blouse with a really brightly colored trouser, which will make you look professional and stylish at the same time.

Avoid wearing dresses as much as possible during classes, as it can be a headache to iron them if they have a lot of pleats. Moreover, dresses can be incredibly uncomfortable, as the sun’s heat would be hitting your legs, arms and shoulders.

If you do feel like putting on a dress, then make sure the material is light and it’s not too formal.

Usually, spring and summer footwear involves you wearing your favorite strappy sandals around campus and for a night out. Footwear with straps are easily wearable with any type of outfit, be it a dress, skinny jeans or skirt. Although, make sure the sandals don’t look too much like bathroom slippers or do not have too many straps. They are a nuisance to get your feet into.

You do not always have to visit a clothing store before summer hits. There are always ways that you can update your look with your previous season clothes. All you need is some creativity and a sense of what style suits you. This way, you do not make a dent in your wallet and still come off as chic and fashionable.

Students share opinions around campus 

“What is your wardrobe for spring like?”

Benjamin Zander, a junior journalism and communications double major. (Mia Ingui / Opinions Editor)

“My helicopter hat, the limited editor Buzz Lightyear Vans, and bright orange shorts.”

Alyssa J Freitas, a senior management major. (Mia Ingui / Opinions Editor)

“Sundresses. And florals for spring — groundbreaking.”


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