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Community Advisors adapt to Covid-19 policies, wavering student compliance

Shari Goldberg has been a Community Advisor (CA) for five semesters. A mathematics urban secondary education major, she has seen the residential staff at the College shift from their original duties to tasks that follow strict Covid-19 guidelines.

Students use artistic endeavors as personal outlets

The past year has been difficult for everyone, but especially for creatives. With few outlets to express themselves and an even smaller amount of places to look to for inspiration, many students found themselves in a bind. But a handful of the College’s most artistic students were able to push through by turning to their lifelong hobbies, the music they listened to and even their classes for inspiration.

TCNJ EMS sees changes during Covid-19

From the outside, “Bessy” may look like any other golf cart driving around campus. But she is far from the average vehicle.

Students struggle with emptiness on campus

The College’s campus is normally bustling with activity — as students hurry to class, meet with friends for a meal or find a quiet spot to study. A vibrant atmosphere has always permeated the campus, and that is part of what made college enjoyable for many students.

Comfort over fashion: what students are wearing to Zoom university

During a completely remote fall semester, students at the College had to adjust to a new way of learning. Everything — including fashion — was affected by the reality of Zoom. With the absence of attending in-person classes, the idea of dressing up to attend online classes feels odd to some students.

Students should try to make the best of every situation, including an online semester

Zoom meeting after Zoom meeting has become the story of my life. And I’m over it. This semester has been challenging in ways I never thought were possible. Like most students, it’s not how I pictured my college experience. But it is what it is, and it’s important to make the best of it — even if that seems impossible.

College provides Covid-19 resources to off-campus students

The Office of Student Conduct and Off-Campus Services have provided supplies for students living in off-campus houses to ensure the health and safety of those in the Ewing community for the fall, according to Vice President of Student Affairs, Sean Stallings in a student-wide email sent on Aug. 28.

The pass/fail policy isn’t renewing for the fall. Here’s what students, faculty are saying

The various circumstances of the pandemic pushed colleges across the nation to offer lenient grading opportunities for students in the spring semester in the midst of quarantine and the Covid-19 pandemic. At the College, it was no different. President Foster offered the ungraded option policy. But for the fall, that policy wasn’t renewed.

Nine students residing in off-campus houses test positive for Covid-19

The College has confirmed nine positive cases of Covid-19 among students living in off-campus houses in the Ewing area, according to Dave Muha, the associate vice president of communications, marketing and brand management, in an interview with The Signal. 

Letter to the Editor: Alumni stand with Black Lives Matter movement

Black Lives Matter. We see you and we stand with you. We stand united as alumni of the College of New Jersey that Black Lives Matter, and that we need to enact change to end white supremacy. This is a call from your alumni to do more. This is a call for action by the administration in shaping this school. This is a call for transparency.

Students stand against police brutality in Asbury Park protest

Residents throughout New Jersey traveled to Asbury Park and held a protest on June 1 calling for police accountability and racial equality in response to the George Floyd killing. 

Internship recruiters should consider younger candidates

When I observed speech therapists at a children’s rehabilitation hospital, the employees thought I was getting my required hours for grad school. “Oh no, I am actually a first-year undergrad student,” I told them. “I just want to gain insight into the field.”

Students should feel free to explore different career paths

When you’re little, change is encouraged. If you want to be a firefighter one day and a ballerina the next, it’s met with nothing more than innocent questions from parents and a shift in the types of presents received during holidays. So why is this necessary growth discouraged in college, a place where this growth is still occurring?

Annual involvement fair attracts students

The Brower Student Center hosted the College’s annual Student Involvement Fair on Aug. 28. For three hours, new and returning students alike gained more insight on the clubs, organizations and activities the College offers.

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