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The Script releases theatrical new album

By Nicole Zamlout
Staff Writer

People are often encouraged to try new things, no matter how frightened they may be at the prospect. Many times, it brings lovely results. This is definitely the case for The Script’s latest album, “Freedom Child.”

The album is full of the amazing, soulful messages, similar to many of their previous songs. The twist is the new music. In this album, many of the songs have a techno and rock feel, with influences from around the world and hints of modern pop. For example, the first song “No Man is an Island” has hints of Jamaican sounding music with its drum beats. In “Arms Open” the drums take on a more African feel. The song “Wonders” has a strong pop sound also, as it progresses.

The music is bouncy, strong, and encourages you to dance as the lyrics spin messages of love and acceptance. The musical change worked so well for the band, sticking to the powerful lyrics of their past yet revitalizing them with a new sound. It allows listeners to connect to the lyrics, while also making them smile as they dance along.

The album itself is a chronicle of experiences rather than one clear narrative. It speaks on several themes — loneliness, faith, individuality, love and comfort. All of the themes culminate in the last song “Freedom Child,” which explains why the album is titled after the song. Listeners may feel as if the singer, Danny O’Donoghue, is talking about them rather than himself. It makes the listener feel heard without having to utter a word. It relates the singer’s experience without outright saying he is referring to himself. It does something many artists in this day and age struggle to do — connect the singer and audience without the balance tilting too close to one side. That equilibrium makes the album all the more soulful and amazing.

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The songs all follow a specific order. The song “Awakening” starts the album with an upbeat tone to hype people up.

The album also seems to pay homage to themes found, strangely, in musical theater. The songs “No Man is an Island” and “Arms Open,” share themes with the musical “Dear Evan Hansen.” It talks about how no one should face the dark alone and how there is always someone there, you need only shout.

The songs “Rock the World” and “Divided States of America” also have strong similarities to the famous song “Seize the Day” from the musical “Newsies.” These homages seem deliberate, since the themes to those pieces of art are so universal and powerful. Now, those who may not be the biggest thespians can be touched by these themes, as you don’t need to be a Broadway expert to understand the powerful themes weaved throughout the album.

This album is brilliantly done and is a culmination of this band’s accomplishments, just like the last song is a culmination of the album’s idea — that everyone deserves to be loved.


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