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Around The Dorm 9/27: Los Angeles Chargers, MLB and NBA

In this week’s edition of Around the Dorm, “Ref” Maximillian C. Burgos asked our panel of three experts — Miguel Gonzalez, Skyler Maxwell and Anshel Bright — three questions: Will the Los Angeles Chargers be forced to return to San Diego or another large city? Which MLB team has the best shot at winning the World Series? Which current NBA star is dominating the league?

1. Will the Los Angeles Chargers be forced to return to San Diego or another large city?

Miguel: Given the horrible attendance numbers and television ratings for the Chargers, it’s time for the NFL to put a team north of the border. Like the NBA, NHL and MLB, a NFL team in Toronto, Canada can become lucrative. The 150-year-old city currently is the fourth largest city in North America. The team would fit perfectly in the Rogers Centre, home to popular professional teams like the Blue Jays, Leafs and Raptors. Would an NFL team be detrimental to the ongoing CFL? Not exactly. During the Toronto Argonauts’ home opening match against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, only 13,583 fans attended. The situation doesn’t appear to be awful like the Chargers. A NFL team in Toronto would finally give the Buffalo Bills a cross-town rival much like the New York Yankees and Mets. Plus, Bills fans can finally look forward to the season other than getting beat up by the Patriots. Just envision it. Walking down through 1 Blue Jays Way, eating a hot bowl of Poutine, listening to Drake, watching prime minister Justin Trudeau on the news and repping an NFL jersey. Unlike some areas like Los Angeles and Buffalo, New York, a lot of visiting NFL fans can enjoy riding on top of the CN tower and going to Ripley’s aquarium.       

Skyler: With extremely low attendance at the Chargers game, it is obvious that they should talk about moving locations. They are currently playing in a soccer stadium with no clear future plans for a stadium of their own. Perhaps they will consider moving to another state without a football team such as New Jersey or, possibly, North Korea. North Koreans may be nicer if they could cheer for a football team. Maybe Kim Jong-un could play quarterback too. I’m sure they would be happy to have an NFL team. But, seriously New Jersey could use a team. We are sponsoring two teams that aren’t even ours. I’m sure they would be happy to have an NFL team.

Anshel: The Chargers are the unfavored team in Los Angeles. They consistently have poor ticket sales and play on a soccer field. Clearly, they have fell from their once lofty position dating back to when they had running back LaDainian Tomlinson from 2001 to 2011. They desperately need to move to a new city that may actually support them.

Skyler gets 3 points for a realistic and outlandish choice. Miguel gets 2 for offering a solution. Anshel gets 1 point for stating the obvious.

2. Which MLB team has the best shot at winning the World Series?

Miguel: Since when were the Washington Nationals and Dodgers were ever considered contenders? Bryce Harper and the nationals are known for being one-and-done in the playoffs. The Dodgers, no matter how money they throw at their players, can’t get through the dreaded league championship series. Max, you’re seriously overlooking the baby bombers from the Bronx. The New York Yankees now have a fresh offensive force featuring shortstop Didi Gregorius, right fielder Aaron Judge, and catcher Gary Sanchez. Sure, the Yankees may not have the best pitching staff (or bullpen), but this team is capable of defeating anyone. The only question here is whether the rivalry between the Yankees and Red Sox will return in the ALCS. There might be no Pedro Martinez, Curt Schilling and Manny Ramirez to ignite fights, but the Yankees need to make up for blowing a 3-0 lead (Even worse than the Warriors and Indians) in the 2004 ALCS.   

Skyler: The Dodgers are going to win it all. They’re savages. Kershaw is a monster. He’s so clutch and historically, he’s been the man. The pitching staff for the Dodgers is really talented and when it comes to the playoffs, all that matters is the pitching staff. Offense wins games, but defenses win championships. The Dodgers are primed to win.  

Anshel: Baseball takes too long to watch.

Miguel gets 3 points for suggesting the Yankees. Skyler gets 2 points for picking one of the choices. Anshel loses 1 point for not watching baseball.

3. Which current NBA star is dominating the league?

Miguel: In a team full of superstars, Kevin Durant is certainly dominant on and off the court. Durant is definitely a snake for ditching the Oklahoma City Thunder, but he’s developed quite a reputation with the Warriors. During the past NBA finals, Durant showed no mercy against the Cleveland Cavaliers as he averaged 35.2 points, 8.0 rebounds and 5.4 assists. Moreover, Durant put the final nail in the coffin in Game 5 when he scored 39 points. Durant has certainly mixed in well into the Warriors lineup. Back when I heard about the trade, I had instant memories of the 2011 Los Angeles Lakers debacle. The media assumed the Lakers would go for a 3-peat after getting Steve Nash and Dwight Howard. Instead, the Lakers were swept by the eventual champions, the Dallas Mavericks. I think the Durant and Warriors will win many championships in the future, no matter the rise of “Superteams.” I wonder if the Thunder are trying to build a big three … hey wait a minute … Carmelo Anthony?! 

Skyler: The most dominant player in the NBA is power forward Anthony Bennett on the Brooklyn Nets. He’s super underrated and I think he’ll be killing it in no time. He’s bad now, but I have a feeling he’s being slept on. If he gets traded to a better team, he’ll start killing it. Just watch. He’s hustling in the NBA right now. He’ll explode one day.

Anshel: Carmelo Anthony is indisputably one of the greatest talents in the NBA. Carrying the Knicks for several years, his performance has been undermined by the lack of quality from his teammates. I believe his trade to the Oklahoma City Thunder is going to really give a team to compete for the title. Carmelo Anthony, Paul George, and Russell Westbrook are all top talents. The only thing stopping them from succeeding is if they don’t find a way to work together.

Miguel gets 3 points for bringing up stats. Skyler gets 2 points for the hilarity of his choice. Anshel get 1 point for not mentioning Lebron.

Miguel wins ATD 8-7-1

“ATD is 90 percent mental. The other half is physical.”


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