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Students create new mobile fashion app Wardo

By Corinne Castaldo

Picking out an outfit in the morning can be a difficult feat, especially for busy college students. Sick of this daily struggle, two students at the College launched Wardo, an app that allows users to upload images of their clothes, create outfits and save potential outfits in a virtual calendar.

Priya Soni, a senior marketing major, and Arjan Sahni, a sophomore innovation and entrepreneurship self-designed major, were the minds behind Wardo, which is available on the Apple App Store.

“I found myself constantly asking my friends what they planned on wearing for an occasion or even just a normal school day,” Soni said. “Hours were spent thinking about what I was going to wear and at the closet sifting through my hoards of clothes. I wanted it to be easier for individuals to dress with no stress and look and feel their best.”

The app contains features such as LookBook, where saved outfits can be stored, and a calendar, where saved outfits can be planned for appropriate locations. Soni and Sahni hope that the app will help students feel more confident while planning outfits for important events and occasions.

“Fashion is inevitably a part of everyone’s lives,” Soni said. “With Wardo, we strive to simplify and enhance all interactions people have with fashion through innovative features.”

The duo is also hopeful that Wardo will make an environmental impact in the fashion industry.

“Apart from providing fashion inspiration and lessening time spent trying to find the perfect outfit, we hope to impact the planet in a positive way by informing others of the environmental harm caused by the fashion industry,” Soni said. “Not only does Wardo give tips and tricks on clothing maintenance, it provides green initiatives for its users to follow to ensure the Earth’s sustainability.”

Picking out an outfit in the morning can be a difficult feat, especially for busy college students (envato elements).

As the vice president of marketing for Wardo, Soni manages social media accounts and is always seeking new growth opportunities for the app.

“Another important goal for us at Wardo is to spread awareness about the disastrous environmental impact of the fashion industry, the second most polluting industry in the world,” Soni said.

The app also includes a social aspect, where users can “discover new styles, and borrow or lend clothes with their friends,” according to Sahni.

Soni and Sahni have worked hard to prepare Wardo for success.

“As college students with no experience in running a business, building a mobile app and working with professional teams — we faced a lot of adversity when attempting to raise funds,” Soni said.

In addition to lack of experience, the team also ran into financial obstacles.

“As we were able to raise a very small amount of initial capital, we had to settle with a cheap development agency located in India,” Sahni said. “It is extremely difficult to communicate with them due to the difference in time zones, resulting in lots of sleepless nights.”

Sahni, the CEO of Wardo, works closely with Soni to oversee many parts of the company, including recruitment, app development and web design.

“In short, I ensure our team is aligned with the company’s mission and is taking the appropriate steps to implement our vision,” Sahni said, describing her role in the business.

The Wardo team shared advice for students who wish to create their own businesses.

“Ask for help and ask lots of questions,” Sahni said. “Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and make mistakes because you are only helping you and your brand grow.”

Soni agreed.

“It’s definitely not easy, but very rewarding once completed,” she said.


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