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SFB funds variety of guest speakers for campus events

By Eric Preisler
Production Manager

The Student Finance Board funded all kinds of speakers at its weekly meeting on Nov. 15.

The Class of 2021’s event, Night on the Winter Town, was fully funded after being tabled at last week’s meeting. The event will be held at Freddie’s Tavern, a local restaurant and catering hall, on Dec. 2 from 8:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

SFB provided $3,036 to cover the cost for security, Freddie’s Tavern venue and service fees and busses. The costs proposed last week were reduced after deciding to use a playlist and speakers instead of paying for a DJ.

A wide range of food, non-alcoholic beverages, entertainment and music will be provided at the event, which is intended to promote class unity and to allow different types of people to interact in an environment outside of school, according to the event’s proposal packet.

SFB fully funded Women in Learning and Leadership $7,823 to have keynote speaker Vandana Shiva speak to students for Women’s History Month at its weekly meeting on Nov. 15.

The event, which was tabled at SFB’s Nov. 1 meeting, will be capped at 310 people and will be held on April 12 at 5 p.m. in Mayo Concert Hall.

WILL was able to reduce the amount of SAF funds needed for the event after receiving funds from several of the College’s schools and departments, including $10,000 from the office of the dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, and other contributions from the Office of Diversity, School of Science, Office of Leadership, School of Engineering, School of Nursing, Health & Exercise Science, School of Business and department of biology.

Shiva was invited to speak as part of Women’s History Month and to address the College’s theme, “Who We Are,” from her perspective as an internationally renowned Indian scientist, author and environmental policy advocate, according to the event’s proposal packet.

“The interdisciplinarity of Shiva’s perspectives will bring together a broad-cross section of the TCNJ community,” the proposal packet reads. “Her world-class stature as an intellectual and activist will also connect TCNJ to groups in the surrounding community who are concerned about environmental science and policy.”

Students, faculty and community members will also be given the opportunity to meet with Shiva in smaller groups.

SFB partially funds speakers for Leadership Lock-Up. (Miguel Gonzalez / Sports Editor)

The Leadership Development Program’s event, Leadership Lock-Up, which will be held in the Brower Student Center on Jan. 20 from noon to 7:30 p.m., was partially funded $4,207.10.

The event will give students an opportunity to network with each other through presentations and group activities, which will have an emphasis on team building and leadership skills, according to the event’s proposal packet.

Speakers at the event will include Don Trahan, the College’s director of diversity and inclusion, and Darryl Bellamy, a professional speaker who specializes in diversity and inclusion within leadership. Bellamy will speak on the importance of creating networks in a multidimensionally diverse era, according to the event’s proposal packet.

“We hope to be able to allow leaders on campus who decide to attend the event to gain a better understanding of the importance of diversity and inclusion,” said Adwoa Nantwi, the vice president of programming of the Leadership Development Program and a senior biology major.

PRISM and Amnesty International’s event, World AIDS Week, which would include speaker Scott Fried, was fully funded $2,500. The event will be held on Nov. 30 from 8:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. in the Science Complex.

Fried is a noted speaker on HIV/AIDS and has discussed his experiences throughout the country as an individual living with HIV. This would be his second time speaking at the College after visiting last year.

“He speaks about his experience with becoming HIV positive and he goes into other details such as self-love and self-care in the face of stigma,” said Max Nazario, a senior chemistry major. “It is very emotionally impactful, but at the same time very uplifting and inspirational.”

I-Tunes, an a cappella group, was fully funded $307 for its winter concert, which will be held on Dec. 9 from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. in Mayo Concert Hall. Funding for this event includes the costs of recording materials, paying a student technician and student house manager, ushers and expendable supplies.

This event can benefit the campus community because it provides a diverse arrangement of cultural music in a cappella style, according to its proposal packet.

“We incorporate a lot of international music into our repertoire, which encourages the student body of all different walks of life to attend our event, which sets us apart from the other a cappella groups on campus,” said Mallory Ilves, a special education and women’s, gender and sexuality studies double major.


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