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Campus Style: Back to the basics

By Lexy Yulich

As fashion trends come and go, it is important that you have a few staple pieces in your wardrobe to complement the edgy leather jacket or stylized denim you bought on a whim. I created my wardrobe by finding a few timeless pieces that can go with any outfit, and then built up from the basics to create my own signature style. Here are five wardrobe essentials that every college student needs.

1. Collection of neutral t-shirts. V-neck or crew neck t-shirts pair well with essentially any outfit, and they are very comfortable. I love pairing a soft black tee with ripped jeans and a cream cardigan.

2. Olive green jacket. These jackets come in an assortment of styles such as bomber, tailored and even leather or suede. I purchased mine from Nordstrom about four years ago, and I’ve been wearing it almost everyday.  You can dress up the jacket or wear it casually. While I wear my olive green jacket with many outfits, my favorite pairs comfortable leggings, grey suede slip on sneakers and a t-shirt.

3. Form fitting jeans. As much as I love ripped or embroidered jeans, it is important to have at least one pair of regular denim jeans. I personally gravitate towards dark wash jeans over light wash because it is easier to dress up dark wash jeans. I try to find jeans that are comfortable and soft, but still fit my body type.

4. Little black dress. You truly never know when you are going to need a black dress. Little black dresses come in many styles, so you can find one that suits your preferences. For example, I am under five feet tall, so I need a more tailored look with a shorter hemline.

5. Versatile bag. Having a staple purse or tote bag is just as important as essential wardrobe pieces. I’ve never been one to own a lot of purses. Instead, I save up for one purse and use it for years. I love having a bag that is fit for any occasion. Currently, my favorite purse is a large black tote bag that I purchased from Nordstrom. It is big enough to hold my laptop, keys, wallet, notebook and planner, and any other random items that I carry around.


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