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‘Savage’ concertgoers face underage drinking charges

By Brielle Bryan
News Editor

Male individual admits to drinking ‘not much of much’

On April 3, at approximately 9:20 p.m., Campus Police was informed there was a male individual under the influence of alcohol in the TCNJ EMS room at the Spring Concert.

Upon arrival, the individual, identified as a male who does not attend the College, was already being assessed by TCNJ EMS. According to police reports, Campus Police asked the individual how much he had to drink and he kept repeating, “not much of much.” The individual had glassy, bloodshot eyes and had the odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from his breath, police said.

The individual gave Campus Police his driver’s license, which indicated that he was only 19 years old. Since the individual was clearly under the influence of alcohol, the officer on scene began to write out his summons. While the officer was writing the summons, the individual began to vomit and fell off the chair and onto the floor, police said.

After he sat back in the chair and finished vomiting, Campus Police asked what the individual had to drink. According to police reports, he continued to say, “not much of much.” The officer explained to him that she was not asking how much he drank, just what he drank. The individual then admitted to drinking an unknown amount of vodka, police said.

The individual was given a summons for underage consumption with a court date. He was then transported to the hospital by Ewing EMS.

Concert attendee recites date of birth as her phone number

On April 3, at approximately 10:10 p.m., Campus Police observed a female who appeared to be having trouble maintaining her balance during the Spring Concert.

A Campus Police officer spoke with the female, and she told the officer she was having fun with her friends. The officer told one of her friends to take her outside, but they told the officer they did not know who she was, police said. The female explained that they found her in the middle of the crowd and brought her to the side because she appeared to be too intoxicated. The officer then brought the female, identified as a visitor, to the TCNJ EMS room to be assessed.

The female individual did not have her driver’s license on her, police said. When requested, she provided the officer with her date of birth. However, when asked for her cell phone number, she gave the officer her date of birth again. According to police reports, the officer repeatedly asked the individual for her cell phone number and she continued to tell the officer her date of birth.

The officer said, “If I wanted to reach you on your cell phone, what number would I call?” The individual said her date of birth again and, “I don’t know what else you want me to tell you!” Finally, she provided the officer with her number, police said.

Then, the officer asked her what she had to drink. She told the officer, “a bottle of Svedka vodka.” According to police reports, the officer asked if she drank the whole bottle, and she said, “No, I had about five shots.”

While the officer was writing the individual a summons, TCNJ EMS assessed the patient. They asked for her cell phone number and she provided them with a different number than what she gave the officer, police said. The officer asked the individual which phone number was hers. The female told the officer that the number she provided Campus Police was her sister’s number.

While TCNJ EMS was asking the individual questions, she was not answering them sufficiently, police said. TCNJ EMS recommended that she be transported to the hospital. The individual was transported to the hospital by Ewing EMS, police said. She was given a summons for underage drinking with a court date.

Jaded ex-lover attacks Panera Bread employee, steals wig and boot

On March 18, at approximately 3:30 p.m., Campus Police was dispatched to Panera Bread in Campus Town on reports of a fight that had taken place, police said. The caller was a female Panera Bread employee who stated she was attacked by a female individual who fled the scene.

Upon arrival, Campus Police met with the Panera Bread employee who stated that she had just gotten to work when the individual arrived, police said. The employee stated that the individual attacked her, throwing her boot at her. According to police reports, the individual hit the employee in the face with a closed fist and ripped her wig off.

While they fought on the ground, a couple of bystanders helped break up the altercation, police said. The employee said the individual grabbed her boot and wig and left in a silver vehicle that was occupied by an unknown individual described as having dreadlocks.

According to police reports, Campus Police spoke with a few people at the scene, but no one witnessed the fight.

The employee stated that she was in a romantic relationship with another female employee at Panera Bread. She stated she had been dating her co-worker since December 2017, and her co-worker just broke up with her “out of nowhere” the morning of March 17, police said. The employee said that the woman who attacked her was her co-worker’s ex-girlfriend, and believes that her co-worker and her ex-girlfriend started dating again, which was why her co-worker broke up with her.

The employee said that before going to work she went to her co-worker’s house to retrieve her belongings, and no one was there at the time. According to police reports, when the Panera Bread employee arrived at work, she said that the individual who attacked her called her from an iPad, telling her she wanted to fight. The employee said she hung up the phone and that was when the individual arrived at Panera Bread.

The employee had a minor abrasion on her left hand, but refused medical attention, police said. She stated she wanted to press charges against her attacker, and Campus Police told her she would have to go to Ewing Court the next morning to file formal charges against the individual.

Snapchat friend tells student to “obey”

On March 19, at about 5:04 p.m., Campus Police met with a female student who reported that she posted a picture of herself and her friends in swimsuits over spring break. According to police reports, the student said that multiple people she did not know messaged her about the picture because the photo “went viral.” The student said that her Snapchat profile is set to “public,” so anyone can easily add and message her, police said.

The student received a large amount messages from many random people. She received a message through Snapchat from an unknown person who offered her $400 if she sent him images of herself, police said. The student said that she sent him nine photos on March 19 at 1 a.m. She told him that she would not send any more photos since he did not pay her, police said.

The student stated that the unknown individual continued to message her, and she did not answer him. He then sent her a photo of him following and requesting her friends and family on social media, police said. She blocked his account on Snapchat and reported it as harassment. Then, he made a new account and sent her back the pictures he had, telling her he followed her family members.

According to police reports, the individual told the student to obey him. He also said, “Do you want to get punished?” She advised him that she would pursue criminal charges against him and that she would sign charges with Campus Police. At this point, the unknown suspect messaged her, saying that he was sorry and that he would stop messaging her immediately, police said.

The student said that she decided not to sign charges. She was satisfied with the outcome and did not wish to pursue the matter further, police said. The student was advised to call Campus Police if the individual continued to message her.

Intoxicated student gets stranded on toilet

On March 24, at approximately 3 a.m., Campus Police was dispatched to one of the men’s bathrooms in Travers Hall on a report of an intoxicated male student sitting on the toilet. Upon arrival, Campus Police met with a group of students in the hallway outside of the men’s bathroom, police said. One of the students advised that she was the one that called, and that she was concerned for the well-being of her friend who was currently in the bathroom. The officer on scene asked one of the male students that had exited the bathroom if there was anyone else besides the intoxicated male in the bathroom, and he stated that there was not.

The officer entered the bathroom and found that the intoxicated student was alert and conscious, police said. The officer asked him if he was decent, and if she could open the door. Another officer and TCNJ EMS arrived on scene. While waiting for the student to exit the bathroom stall, TCNJ EMS and Campus Police spoke to him and he was able to answer their questions without difficulty. He vomited into a plastic bag once while he was in the stall during questioning, police said. When Campus Police asked the student how much he had to drink, he stated that he was not sure, but knew he had drank jungle juice that he believed to contain Everclear.

Once he was finished vomiting, they again asked him if he could make himself decent and open the stall door, police said. He stated that he currently could not put his pants on because there was vomit on his pants and underwear. Campus Police went outside the bathroom and asked one of the student’s friends that was standing in the hall if he would be able to retrieve a pair of sweatpants and underwear from his room, and he said that he could.

While waiting for clothes for the student, Campus Police spoke with the caller and asked her if she was with the intoxicated student that night, police said. She stated that she was not and that she only saw over a group chat that someone was snoring in the men’s bathroom, so she and her friends went to check it out and found the intoxicated student vomiting. According to police reports, Campus Police asked the student if she knew where he was drinking, and she said that she did not know the address but knew that it was off campus and that the party was called “HAUS.”

Once the student was provided pants, he dressed himself and exited the stall. At this time, TCNJ EMS provided him with medical attention, police said. After a second set of vitals was taken in the student’s dorm room, TCNJ EMS allowed him to refuse medical attention.

After TCNJ EMS left, Campus Police asked the student where he was when he was drinking. The student said that all he knew was that a guy that called himself “HAUS” threw the party.

Campus Police reminded the student that it is illegal to drink alcoholic beverages under the legal age to do so, and the student said that he understood, police said. Campus Police also told the student that because his friend called out of concern for his well-being, he would not be issued a citation due to New Jersey’s 911 Lifeline Legislation. Once they were finished talking with him, Campus Police asked one of his friends if he could periodically check on him to make sure he was alright, and he agreed.

Female student arrested for marijuana possession

On March 27, at approximately 10 p.m., Campus Police was dispatched to Wolfe Hall on a report of an odor of marijuana. As the officer walked closer to the room, the odor became stronger.

When the officer arrived to the room, she observed the caller, a community adviser, standing outside of the door.

The officer spoke with the two male residents in the hallway, police said. One of the male residents stated that he knew that police was called to their room because of a smell of smoke. Campus Police asked what kind of smoke he was referring to, and he replied “marijuana.” The officer asked the residents if they were smoking in the room, and they said that they did not smoke in the room but had smoked marijuana out in the fields, police said. When the officer asked if either of them had any marijuana on them or in the room, they advised that they did not.

The officer advised the occupants that she would be writing a report on the incident, and she asked if anyone had anything illegal such as marijuana with them in the room. According to police reports, everyone but one female shook their heads and replied “no.”

The officer asked why the female did not respond, and she stated that she had some marijuana in her bag. The officer asked the female where her bag was, and she pointed to a light brown bag lying on the floor across from her, next to one of the residents’ feet. Once the bag was handed to the officer, she was able to smell a strong odor that she knew to be marijuana.

The officer took the bag containing marijuana and placed it back on the ground in front of her. She asked if the marijuana in the female’s bag was hers or if it belonged to someone else, and she stated that it belonged to her and someone else who was not currently present. The officer said she would further discuss the situation once she collected everyone’s information.

Campus Police advised the female with marijuana in her bag that they would be placing her under arrest for the possession of marijuana, police said. Campus Police saw that she did not have any shoes on and asked her where they were. Campus Police then escorted the student to the patrol car and placed her in handcuffs.

At Campus Police Headquarters, the student was read her rights off the Uniform Mercer County Rights Form, which she signed, acknowledging that she understood her rights and chose to waive them. According to police reports, the student was also read the consent to search form, which she also signed.

After searching her bag, Campus Police found a plastic baggie containing less than 50 grams of a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana that was stored in a floral cloth bag, as well as a glass mason jar that contained small amounts of a green leafy substance, believed to be marijuana, police said. The plastic baggie with the suspected marijuana, the cloth bag and the mason jar were all collected as evidence, labeled, photographed and placed in the evidence locker.

The student was issued a summons for possession of less than 50 grams of marijuana and given a court date, police said. At approximately 11:35 p.m., she was escorted from Campus Police Headquarters back to Wolfe Hall.

Anyone with information can contact Campus Police at (609)- 771-2345.


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