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WTSR New Noise: Flyte and Django Django

This week, WTSR music staff highlights some of the best new albums that the College’s own radio station, 91.3 FM WTSR, puts into its weekly rotation.

Band Name: Flyte

Album Name: The Loved Ones

Release Number: 1st

Hailing From: London

Genre: Refined and Fun Indie Rock

Label: Island UK

Flyte’s debut album is beyond impressive. They have crafted a refined and smart sound that most bands don’t seem to obtain until a second or third release. The songs are reminiscent of bands like Spoon or Bombay Bicycle Club, yet at times it even feels as though the band is channeling Billie Joel with piano driven songs and powerful vocals. This is a very accessible album which should be enjoyable for anyone but will definitely appeal more to those who are interested in hearing more bands channel a classic rock sound while still making indie music.

Must Hear: “Faithless,” “Victoria Falls” and “Sliding Doors”

Band Name: Django Django

Album Name: Marble Skies

Release Number: 3rd

Hailing From: Dundee, UK

Genre: Trippy and Fun Electronic Rock

Label: Because Records

Marble Skies is the exciting third release of UK band Django Django, who do a fantastic job of making some trippy and weird indie rock without getting too Animal Collective. This album channels the same psychedelic pop sound that they had on their critically acclaimed self-titled debut. Django Django do a very impressive job at making wildly catchy tunes out of songs that are still very trippy and unique. This album is full of fun songs with some crazy production all over the record, give it a play!

Must Hear: “Marble Skies,” “Tic Tac Toe,” “Sundials,” and “In Your Beat”


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