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‘Salooner’ brings classic cowboy culture to campus

By Colleen Rushnak

A mechanical bull, a rodeo roper and tributes to cowboy culture were all present at the College Union Board’s “Salooner” on Thursday, Sept. 27 on Green Lawn.

Students test their stamina on the mechanical bull. (Meagan McDowell / Photo Editor)

Combining the terms “saloon” and “nooner,” Moe Rahmatullah, a senior marketing major and student event coordinator on CUB’s executive board, was the mastermind of the midday event. Rahmatullah and his friends frequently use the word “hoss,” which is a nonstandard spelling of the word horse used to imitate southern dialect. The term gained popularity from the hit NBC TV show “Bonanza” in which Eric Hoss Cartwright was a featured character.

“The idea came from an inside joke of calling each other Hoss,” he said. “When it came time to think of a nooner, we went with a western theme to call it a Salooner because we at CUB love puns.”

The mechanical bull had a long line of students eager to put their stamina to the test. While most were unable to stay on for more than 10 seconds, Mirelle Santos, a freshman health and exercise science major, braved the bull for quite a while.

“It was very difficult but very fun,” she said. “I just saw the bull and went straight to it because I thought it would be fun.”

Students also made iced tea in customized mason jars that they could take home as souvenirs. Students emphasized that the Salooner was a great way to add some excitement to their otherwise monotonous week day.

CUB events help string a sense of togetherness through the threads of the campus community, giving students a chance to spend time with friends and meet new people.

When asked what he thought nooner events bring to the College’s campus, freshman mechanical engineering major Mike Oudenne answered “Unity.”  

“(I came) to watch friends and join in festivities. I will be coming to future nooners,” Oudenne said.


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