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Dawson investigates pop-culture conspiracies

By Samreen Khateeb

Riveting and uncanny, Shane Dawson’s new Youtube video, “Conspiracy Theories Part 1,” leaves its viewers in nothing short of a state of paranoia. Through the use of sophisticated editing and entertaining commentary from friends, Dawson’s series unveils the secrets to some of the world’s most suspicious occurrences.

The seasoned YouTuber did not disappoint as he dove into the hour and 44-minute video to discuss one of today’s most talked about conspiracies such as the iPhone glitch that reportedly lets users listen in on the audio of the person they’re calling before they actually answer the call.

As Dawson and his friends consider the possibility of Apple listening in on its users,they open up our eyes to the underlyings of the company. The theory brought back the familiar fear that the government keeps us under constant surveillance.

Dawson capitalized on these concerns as he introduced theories of manipulative fakes with power over the world, subliminal dark messages that are targeted toward children and theories about the government’s interest in chaos and control. These ideas can make anyone skeptical of the world and question what else might be happening behind the scenes.

At points in the series, it would be easy to scoff at the YouTuber’s dramatic expressions, but once you think of the horrifying meanings of the nursery rhymes we once heard as “Humpty Dumpty” or even “London Bridge is Falling,” it is easy to start believing.

The passion that Dawson puts into investigating each theory, all with the help of his friends, definitely convince viewers that they need to conduct their own investigations.

Watching is not only a mind-blowing experience, but also a conversation starter.

In a way, this video has advanced the YouTube game with its efforts. Dawson and his close friend, Andrew Siwicki, skillfully present visuals and intense sound effects to make the video even more engaging. The pools of evidence surrounding these theories leaves viewers connecting the dots and discovering hidden truths. There were moments where the series dragged on a little too long, but it all built up to a much needed intensity.

With millions of views already, this series hits a homerun. Dawson has done videos of this theme before with other series’ such as the “Secret World of Jeffree Star” and “The Mind of Jake Paul.”

“Conspiracy Theories Part 1” is definitely lengthy, but does not disappoint. It sets itself apart from Dawson’s previous short and rushed conspiracy videos. It takes on issues lightheartedly but with appeal and dramatic notions of a reality TV show. The laughter, cluelessness and comical behaviors of everyone involved in the video leaves a feeling of casualness and familiarity to the tone of an idea that may easily be too dark.

One does not need to be a Shane Dawson subscriber or knowledgeable on the issues he addresses to be captivated by this content. If you don’t have time for the whole series, sitting down for the first part or even just 10 minutes will leave you buried in thoughts and wonders.


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