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PRISM hosts Big Gay Bingo

By Len La Rocca
Distribution Manager

Things got raunchy at PRISM’s Big Gay Bingo event. A night full of dancing, comedy and of course, bingo, became a lively show of flamboyance, entertainment and laughter. The bingo night was run by visiting drag queens Rhedd Rhumm and Victoria Cortez on March 14 at 8:30 p.m in the Brower Student Center Room 100W.

Cortez entertains the crowd with her raunchy humor (Miguel Gonzalez / Photo Editor).

The room was packed with students at tables decorated with light blue and pink table cloths, streamers and bingo chips in rainbow colors, all in the name of gay pride.

To start off the night, Rhumm teased the crowd with a dance routine that included splits and a rainbow-beaded bracelet that scattered against the wall into colorful pellets after she flung it across the room.

Cortez’s dance routine followed. She gallivanted across the room in a leopard one-piece and was met with many smiles and applause.

“It was amazing,” said junior biology major Andie Shae. “I think the queens did a great job dancing.”

Rhumm and Cortez’ humor was apparent as soon as they took the stage and commented on not having to share a microphone for once.

“Oh they’ve got two of them them today,” Cortez said. “This year they’ve got a budget.”

The queens explained the general rules of bingo and presented the prizes –– gift cards to Insomnia Cookies, Panera Bread, Dunkin Donuts and Barnes & Noble. They kept the grand prize a secret until the final round.

After a practice round, the queens began the official game. They were adamant about their no-cheating policy and laid out the punishment for a false bingo.

“If we get a false bingo, you’re getting spanked on stage,” Rhumm said.

As the queens called the numbers on the bingo balls, Rhumm couldn’t allow his comedic opportunity to go to waste.

“These balls are old and brown,” Rhumm said. “I’m not sure where they were, but I’m concerned.”

After each bingo game, the queens looked into the mysterious grand prize box beneath their table and hinted at the contents to the audience.

“This looks very…un-human,” Rhumm said.

As the night went on, sporadic “bingos” were yelled from the audience as students popped up from their seats to snag their prizes.

After two girls screamed “bingo!” on the same turn, Rhumm explained the rules for settling a tiebreaker.

“In the event of a tie, there will be a twerk-off,” Rhumm said. But the students opted for a thumb war to settle the bingo differences.

After a night of laughs, prizes and anticipation, it was time for the final bingo game.

While the innuendos throughout the night left few students surprised, many were overcome with laughter when the hosts presented the grand prize – a 15-inch dildo named, “The Great American Challenge.”

“It was shocking and quite large,” Shae said.

Students looking for an escape from hectic midterm exam studying certainly got what they were looking for in a night of flamboyant dancing and hilarious jokes.



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