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Students shouldn’t room with hometown friends

By Reynaldo Torres Jr.

As we enter the newest chapter of our lives, we encounter new things. The best way to experience this is by living on campus and meeting our new roommates, which allows us to encounter new people, cultures and backgrounds. 

Freshmen living in Travers and Wolfe Halls have more chances to broaden their horizons (

But for some people, the fear that rooming with a new ‘random’ person will end in horror encourages them to room with a friend from high school. To them, this seems like an amazing idea because they know so many aspects, such as the person’s behavior and what his or her schedule is like. 

In reality, rooming with someone from high school is possibly the worst decision we could have made coming into the school year. 

We all have those good friends that we love spending time with, but in my opinion, when it’s time to leave, it’s time to leave. We may enjoy who they are as a person, but the things that annoy us are amplified by that exact factor when living with them. Even the littlest things, like not taking out the garbage or snoring, can ruin someone’s dorming experience for their first year. The fact that we have to constantly live with them and see them every morning and every night really make a difference in how we view our “childhood best friends.”

We may love spending the night at their house, going to football games, enjoying junk food and staying up until 1 a.m., but once those activities come into the dorm and classes are thrown into the mix, the fun moments become rare, few and not as enjoyable. Having a best friend is one thing, but having to live with them is an entirely different subject. 

I had a close experience in this topic with my brother, who is currently a junior at Montclair State University. During his freshman year, his roommate was his best friend since sixth grade. They were almost inseparable through middle and high school. My brother thought it would be a great idea to room with him, but by the end of the first semester, he regretted it. He enjoyed being with his friend at school, but not rooming with him.

If you are a current freshman here at the College like I am, consider who your roommate is. If you specifically chose them because they are from your high school or a lifelong friend, be cautious. You may enjoy them as a person, but living with them for a whole year in a new stressful environment could be very difficult.


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