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Dam collapse in Russia claims at least 15 victims

By Alex Baldino

Over 15 people were killed and approximately 16 others were injured after a dam collapsed in the Krasnoyarsk region in Russia on Oct. 19, according to The Associated Press.

The dam collapsed and flooded a gold mine in a remote part of Siberia, according to the Russian Emergencies Ministry for the Krasnoyarsk Region. CNN reported that Krasnoyarsk Governor Alexander Uss believes that lax construction standards and the recent heavy rains could be among the reasons for the collapse.

There were a total of 174 people in the settlement. Nine were hospitalized and six were still missing as of Oct. 20, CNN reported. 

“The rest of the settlement was evacuated and placed in temporary accommodation centers,” according to CNN.

First responders were flown in by helicopter, according to pictures released by the ministry. CNN reported that 300 people in total, including divers and teams with police dogs, were involved in the rescue effort that took place the following day on Oct. 20.

Three-hundred people are involved in the rescue effort (YouTube).

“‘The hydro-technical facility was self-constructed and, I believe, all rules I can and cannot think of were violated,’” Yuri Lapshin, the head of the Krasnoyarsk regional government, told the RIA news agency, according to the BBC.

A criminal investigation looking into potential safety violations has begun, the BBC reported.


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