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Brothers unite: Sigma Pi and local pizzeria create sandwich

By Viktoria Ristanovic
Staff Writer

You’re starving for a savory lunch but can’t seem to decide what you want. Staring endlessly at the Two Brothers Pizza menu, you are torn between ordering chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks or garlic bread. But thanks to Sigma Pi Fraternity, you no longer have to decide. 

Last semester, the Pennington Road pizzeria added the Fat Sigma Pi Sandwich to its menu as a homage to its relationship to Sigma Pi. According to an employee, the sandwich is ordered about 20 to 25 times a day. 

The Fat Sigma Pi is loaded with flavor (Marlea Maltz / Video Editor).

Consisting of chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks, melted mozzarella cheese and vodka sauce on a garlic bread roll, this loaded sandwich has become a favorite among students and Ewing locals alike. 

“It’s now my go-to cheat meal,” said Tonianne Artificio, a junior communication studies major. “Absolutely delicious. Best invention of the year.” 

The Fat Sigma Pi was created by the brothers last semester while they were watching a Monday night football game. During halftime, Franco Mannino, a senior finance major and the former fraternity president, was placing an order with a Two Brothers employee when he was suddenly inspired to add a loaded sandwich to their menu. 

“Five minutes later, we had the Fat Sigma Pi,” said Mannino. “…Before I hung up, (I) told the guy on the phone our idea—he was instantly intrigued.” 

The relationship between Two Brothers and Sigma Pi spans years. Every year, the organization hosts two outdoor events in their Fraternity house backyards—FallFest in November and Luau in April, selling tickets to the entire student body. According to Two Brothers, the pizzeria provides around 150 to 200 pizzas for each party. 

“Due to the great relationship we have with Two Brothers, they were excited to see we had a fresh idea for a new menu item and had no problem naming it after the fraternity,” said Mannino.

Thomas Schulze, a senior business management major and member of Sigma Pi, agreed with Mannino, adding that Two Brothers pizzas are adored by everyone in the fraternity.

“Their pizzas are always a huge hit during our events that we hold,” Schulze said. “Everyone loves their pizza. Who doesn’t?” 

Mannino also revealed that the members of Sigma Pi will soon be neighbors with the pizza chain. 

“Two Brothers actually purchased the property right next door to our Chapter House and is planning on opening a sit down style restaurant there, so we are a few months away from becoming next door neighbors with them as well,” Mannino said. 

Since its release, the Fat Sigma Pi has not only become the go-to order for the fraternity brothers, but a big hit among all students at the College. 

“It’s like heaven in a sandwich,”  said Janvi Kapadia, a senior communication studies major. “Everyone needs to try it at least once.” 


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