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Lights, camera, Eickhoff: Dining Hall goes Hollywood

By Ariel Steinsaltz
Staff Writer

Let’s face it—Eick is typically not associated with elegance, nutrition or fine dining. But when the space is decorated with a photo booth, a red carpet and table cloths, students are suddenly intrigued. 

Walking into the dining hall on Feb. 5, students expected nothing more than their evening meal. But to their surprise, Eick hosted a Red Carpet Dinner inspired by the Oscars. 

Everywhere you turned,  a new detail stood out — whether it was a floating flower or a miniature Oscar trophy that rested on each table. 

But Eick was not just focused on event-style decorations—the cafeteria upped its game with special menu items that made the occasion even more special. 

Among the cuisine offered at this event was a prime rib roast at Quimby’s Rotisserie, which was served with mashed potatoes, green beans and stewed tomatoes. At Quimby’s Kitchen, there was shrimp spaghetti a la Genovese, along with whole wheat pasta primavera, lemon garlic broccoli and balsamic grilled yellow squash. The C-Street Grill offered chicken and waffles and the Bliss Bakery featured “Red Carpet Cake,” “Gold Star Sugar Cookies” and “Black Tie Cupcakes.” 

Posted around Eick were signs featuring various facts about awards shows. For example, one sign informed dinner-goers that “Only three films have ever won all five of the most coveted awards, which are Best Picture, Director, Actor, Actress and Screenplay (adapted or original): ‘It Happened One Night’ from 1934, ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ from 1975 and ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ from 1991.’”

“It shows that they really care instead of being just a food establishment,” said Purvi Shakely, a freshman biology major. 

In addition to the distinctive dinner options and decorations, Eick also provided a popcorn machine and gave out bags to students. There was also a photo booth, allowing students to take their pictures in front of a screen and pose with props. 

Students treat themselves to an Oscar-worthy dinner (Julia Meehan / Photo Editor)

Kadelta Sykes, a supervisor in Eick, said that she felt the photo booth and popcorn machine were the best parts of the dinner for students. She explained that the themed meal was inspired by the head chefs and was also influenced by student input.

“We always have themed meals,” she said. “Carnival, black history month, Spanish heritage, Indian. Anything.”

Students seemed to appreciate the change of pace at the dining hall. 

“It’s refreshing,” said Kim Kumari, a freshman biology major. “It’s different from the everyday setting that we have at Eick. It’s just fun.” 


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